Fairy Tail 468 Manga Preview (Spoilers)

Fairy Tail 468 seems to have gotten leaked, just like the previous chapter, by the same person (yonkouproductions, thanks). So lets begin with this surprising chapter quickly.  If you don’t want any spoilers, stop reading here.

Lucy and Brandish mermaids

Fairy Tail 468 begins with Aquarius being reborn one year after her key was broken. It’s revealed that Aquarius is Brandish’s master as she mentions that she is her master, and Aquarius’ master is Lucy. Then asks Brandish what she thinks this means.

Brandish mentions that her mother was killed by Layla, and thus she cannot forgive Lucy. Aquarius mentions that Lucy is not Layla. Aquarius begins a spell referred to as Star Memory (has some connections to RAVE Masters). Aquarius reveals that this is Memories of the Stars, an archive of all memories.

Both Brandish and Lucy turn into mermaids. Aquarius shows them the past, around 400 years ago, when we see Anna Heartfilia, Lucy’s ancestor who was a Celestial Mage. Aquarius mentions that 400 years ago, a black mage (Zeref), a dragon (Igneel) and celestial mage (Anna) set a plan in motion.

The plan was made in case Acnologia gets defeated (not sure if this is correct). To use the Eclipse Gate as a time machine which used celestial magic. The Heartfilia family has guarded the Eclipse gate for generations. To operate it, you need one mage on the entrance and another at the exit.

As explained before by Zeref, Anna let through Natsu, and other orphans with dragons inside them in order to defeat Acnologia 400 years later.

Next, Aquarius shows the death of Grammy (Brandish’s mother), in which Zoldeo was the one who had stabbed her and killed her. At this point, Brandish is crying while Lucy begins to comfort her.

Happy suddenly runs in with Natsu as he mentions that Natsu is unconscious and unable to move. Lucy is shocked as the chapter ends here.

Seems like a decent enough chapter, and as we learn more about Anna from the past, it all begins to make more and more sense of the timeline. What do you think? comment down below telling us what you think.

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