Neji’s Father! Naruto Saves All – Naruto Shippuden 439

Naruto Shippuden 439 see’s Naruto transforming into the Four Tail but then reverts back when he realises that he’s going rampant against Jiraiya. All while Sasuke and others are fighting against Sasori. Naruto comes to the rescue to help them out in their time of need. Neji realises that the masked man he’s talking to is none other than his father, Hizashi Hyuga. Furthermore, we are still in the middle of the filler arc.

Naruto Shippuden 439 begins as Tsunade continues on reading her book, Naruto is Kurama’s chakra fights Jiraiya as he’s out of control. Jiraiya tries to suppress him but after multiple attacks it doesn’t work. Jiraiya is hurt by an attack, he tries to drop a frog on Naruto but that doesn’t work, thus uses a pond which traps Naruto in.

Jiraiya is hurt and wishes for Naruto to stop this as soon as he can. He’s currently underneath water and unable to do anything. We see Jiraiya remember the talk the Sage of the Frogs tells Jiraiya about the Child of the Prophecy. Sasuke and others fight against Sasori as they’re forced to once Sasuke goes in alone.

In turn we see a full on battle as Sasori’s puppets disappear one by one. We see Nagato, Yahiko and Konan talk about what they should do. Neji and the masked man also talk about what’s currently happening. Sasori releases even more puppets, all while Naruto realises the past when he was training with his father.

He was learning the Rasengan, he finds it really cool. Naruto begins to wake up as the others battle against more and more puppets. He wakes up and Kurama’s clad disappears. Jiraiya also goes back to heal after helping him to disappear from that trap he was in.

They’re facing more and more puppets when Naruto shows up out of nowhere with a large number of clones with a large number of Rasengan, one per group. Each puppet is destroyed after Naruto attacks, it seems that he was able to destroy every single one of them. Sasori disappears, Sasuke and others decide stay and get the squad captains. This is when Neji tells the masked man what he’s plan is now, then referring him to his father, Hizashi. Naruto Shippuden 439 ends here.

A boring episode, as usual, on top of which like I mentioned earlier, the episode is only mid way, so it seems like we still have more boring episodes to go, like next week’s Naruto Shippuden 440, titled “The Caged Bird” when Naruto meets with Akatsuki and Neji gets involved in other stuff.

There are 3 comments

    1. Sunite

      Im not sure, I found out that last weeks episode was the mid point of the filler arc, so we might have to have wait a little while till we get back to the canon, which I’m hoping is soon.


  1. preciouswalker

    I’m still undecide if I’m going to be atch the anime but I’m satisfied by the ending of the manga. I hope it will be finished soon.


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