Beautiful Immortals – Zeref and Mavis

Beautiful Immortals, Zeref and Mavis are both cursed individuals who are stuck in space and time with an incredible amount of power available to them. Zeref controls the Alvarez Empire while Mavis created her own guild named Fairy Tail. Both forces, large or small now face each other, nothing but faith holds each other’s side in tact. As this image shows, they’re immortal lovers on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Immortals Zeref and Mavis Fairy Tail by Sushi-Master901

This fantastic artwork above of Zeref and Mavis was done by sushi-master901. They have some magnificent artwork on their profile, if you like what they’re done here, I’m very sure that their work will impress you. Go ahead and share this page with others if you like it, be sure to comment on your opinion of this image.

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