Natsu vs Zeref! Fired Up – Fairy Tail 463

Fairy Tail 463 see’s the start of Natsu vs Zeref as Natsu rushes in to defeat over 900 soldiers in a few minutes when Zeref appears and tells Natsu that he’s got a million more to go. Natsu gets ready to battle against Zeref after such a long time, he has something up his sleeve. All while Erza and others want to follow Mavis’ order when they just have to trust Natsu to do correct thing.

Fairy Tail 463 begins as everyone at the guild begins to freak out with the fact that Natsu has gone, all while Erza proposes that they follow Mavis’ instruction and leave Zeref to Natsu. Gray freaks out telling her that she must be crazy, when she mentions that he has some sort of weapon on his sleeve that could hurt him.

All when Gray tells Erza that she has become blind, all when Erza mentions that he thinks so little of Natsu, even after all the battles they’ve fought. Lucy breaks it up when Mirajane asks Mavis what they should do, this is when Mavis mentions that they’ll just have to leave Zeref to Natsu. Mavis mentions that it may seem like a dumb idea but it has some merits, leaving it to him will mean that they’ll have more control over the battles.

Mavis asks Gray to place his trust in Natsu, when Gray shows some feelings for Natsu, he’s a little worried when Juvia knows that he’s somehow developed feelings for him, when she asks if he’s forgetting feelings for someone else too, meaning her. Carla mentions that Natsu is not alone, he has Happy with him too.

Happy fly’s Natsu at crazy speeds towards Zeref’s army, there are exactly 1 million soldiers there, there is when they talk about how they all look like a carpet on the ground, which they burnt a while ago in their house. Happy is asked to go down towards the army.

Natsu engages and begins talking about everyone one after the other. Natsu wants to drag Zeref out of there, thus he’d like to kick as many asses as he can until he comes out. Natsu punches and destroys even more land and people. The army attacks but Natsu is just too strong for them.

They all use their magic weapons to attack as one, but it doesn’t work as Natsu just uses his Roar of the Blaze Dragon King which engulfs so many people in that area, it even changes the area which they’re in. A dark ball appears as it mentions the number 973, he’s taken out 973 soldiers out, with 999,027 still remaining. Zeref appears!

Natsu thought that Zeref would not come out this soon, but he just mentions that he couldn’t resist, he wanted to see him as soon as he could. Natsu mentions that he’d hate to break it to him but this is their goodbye as Natsu unwinds the cloth covering up his arm. Fairy Tail 463 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, Natsu vs Zeref as such a early stage will definitely mean that Natsu will get his ass handed to him, but I’m sure he’ll find out the real reason for whats happened and so on. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 464, titled “Natsu vs Zeref”, should be awesome.

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          1. Don

            This guy hugo complaining that the chapter is “disappointing”. Compared to your comment, Mashima’s work makes is a masterpiece. @Hugo if you don’t have the intelligence to eloborate on your comment, then bother opening your mouth simpleton. A one word comment, is the work of the mental handicapped.


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