Natsu and Zeref! Guilds Prepared – Fairy Tail 462

Fairy Tail 462 prepares for whats to come as Natsu rushes towards Zeref in an effort to stop all of this war and just defeat him right here and now. All while members of Fairy Tail are split to go to different areas where the Alvarez Kingdom will most likely attack, on top of which other guilds such as Mermaid Heel, Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale and others getting in gear to help out.

Fairy Tail 462 begins as the first wave of fights end, with destruction to many parts of the city, their current situation seems a little bad. Everyone talks about how other guilds are helping out, they will be okay for a while. When Mavis mentions that she doesn’t intend to cause other guilds trouble when Laxus mentions that politeness won’t win them the war.

They would have had to get involved sooner or later, but his mission now is to take care of Wahl who injured Freed, Evergreen and Bickslow. Makarov mentions that there is truth in what Laxus says. Their duty is to get assistance from other guilds and devise new strategies against Zeref.

Brandish is within the jails of Fairy Tail, Macao and Wakaba talk about how hot she looks, when Lucy knocks them in the head. Lucy tries to ask Brandish what relation she is to her mother. But Brandish gets up and tells her that she won’t speak, and that this will most likely be her only chance to kill her.

Marin is outside the guild as he wants to get her out. West of Magnolia we see a huge army, with which Invel mentions that Azir and Brandish have been taken out. Zeref had expected this to happen, it has surpassed Invel’s prediction. The fact that Azir and Brandish have not been killed shows the weakness of Fairy Tail.

The guilds of the Nation of Bosco have been taken out. Their march has halted in Bosco, there is some good news as Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus have moved to intercept them. Mermaid and Lamia Scale are moving towards Port Hargeon. They need to move too.

Mavis decides that Mirajane, Elfman, Lisanna, Gajeel, Levy and Lily will head North. Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Wendy and Laxus will go to the south. Natsu seems to be missing from where they are. Erza shows up as she mentions that she will go with them to the south, even with her injuries. Lucy and Cana will be watching the prisoner, Brandish.

Mavis mentions that the Alvarez forces in the West is the slowest meaning that Zeref will most likely be with them. They will most likely meet with them when the battles on other sides have been decided. At present, East is the biggest Threat, that is why they need to send their strongest forces.

They have thus sent in the Four Heavenly Kings of Ishgar. This including Warrod, Jura, Wolfheim and Hyberion. They seem somewhat responsible for not being able to stop the war, thus they will fight. Mavis wishes Warrod luck, it seems Warren’s machine has found Natsu, he’s heading East at incredible speeds. Natsu rushes towards Zeref at maximum speed to finish this war before it even begins! Fairy Tail 462 ends here.

A brilliant chapter, a lot has happened and it’s awesome. Natsu vs Zeref will begin earlier then expected, but Natsu will somehow be stopped in his tracks. Zeref might even have to tell him his own relationship to Natsu. Seriously can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 463, titled “Black Carpet”, it’s going to be awesome!

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