The Reason Why Brandish Hates Lucy

In the latest Fairy Tail 457, we saw Brandish confirming that Lucy is in fact the daughter of Layla and that there is definitely something there which caused her to react in that way. Well, a fan has drawn a little something which could be a potential something that shows how Brandish wasn’t invited.

Brandish Layla Lucy 1 Brandish Layla Lucy 2 Brandish Layla Lucy 3 Brandish Layla Lucy 4

During Lucy’s arrival to the house, everyone was invited except for Brandish when she was explicitly told that she couldn’t be invited. On top of which we I also believe that Brandish could be Lucy’s relative, possibly her aunt. Nevertheless, this fantastic artwork Blamed Orange, who has some amazing skills. What do you think? Go ahead and comment down below as well as to share this page with other fans.

There are 3 comments

  1. tanjim

    i think she is Lucy’s aunt but she thinks that Layla died because of Lucy and i also think that Layla died because she opened the time gate thing ( i forgot the name ) on her own, or because she opened the gate she caught some sickness (then Lucy might die………)


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