Orphans of Love – Nagato and Konan

Nagato and Konan, known as war orphans along with Yahiko who were found by the Legendary Sannin’s, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru where they had thought them about Ninjutsu. Konan and Nagato being the ones left after Yahiko was killed, they were the only ones that took care of Akatsuki. By the end of it, it seems as though Nagato was chasing one dream while Konan had loved to share with him.

Orphans of Live Nagato and Konan by Dark-Indigo

A magnificently simplistic artwork of Nagato and Konan in the same image above. This image was done by Dark-Indigo who also wrote a little poem in conjunction with this art work:

I want to give them to you,
So you can see,
What we left there…

So, go on ahead and make sure that you also comment down below as well as to share this artwork with others who might appreciate it.

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