Lucy and Brandish Naked Battle! Natsu’s Power – Fairy Tail 456

Fairy Tail 456 see’s the battle and war continues as everyone freaks out but then get back on track as Warren gets everyone in check on what they should be doing. Natsu begins his fight to which he can easily but he doesn’t know how many people he’ll be battling up against and thus is conserving his power. All while Brandish and Lucy are in the bathroom having a talk when Lucy’s forced to enter the bath in order to prevent and battle against.

Fairy Tail 456 begins as Natsu goes up against Baqel, to which Natsu is able to push him back with ease. The others see that Baqel is finding it hard, but he also seems fine. Happy realises that Natsu isn’t fighting to his full potential, when Natsu mentions that he doesn’t know who else he’ll be fighting so he doesn’t want to go full on right now.

Happy knows that Natsu has grown up a lot when Carla shoves him as she beats a few bad guys, both Wendy and Gajeel also beat up guys who are next to them. Kareen also appears, from Azir’s squad appears and begins his battle against Gajeel. In the West, we see Gray and Juvia fighting against the numerous number of enemies but they just keep on coming back.

However, Elfman, Lisanna and Mirajane all show up. Mirajane releases her Satan Soul, it being Sayla’s form from Tartarus. We see that she didn’t want her to die and thus just uses her body as she absorbs her demon. She orders everyone there to go to sleep. However, some still come, to which she mentions to just deal with them the good old way with a punch or two.

Behind all of them is a Spriggan 12, Wahl Icht who knows of Macro or Order magic. It seems to be one of Zeref’s toys. Erza against Azir is having trouble as he tries to take her life-force and dry her up but Erza doesn’t as she tries to re-equip. Mavis asks about the squads and the Jupiter weapon, however Warren cannot respond.

Thus Max kicks him in the balls to get him to respond and mention that everyone is also scared, thus he mentions that they still need to fight, for their house, their home, defend it to their last breath. Warren then kicks him in the balls and gets everyone else to respond to find out how long it’ll take.

After all the bickering, Mavis tries to work out some sort of plan to win this impossible battle. At Lucy’s house, we see Brandish in Lucy’s bath, telling her to come in. Lucy is angry when Brandish tells her that she won’t repeat herself. She puts her companion in a tube when she gives Lucy the eye to come in or else.

Brandish mentions that the moment she stepped into Magnolia, their fate was sealed, she has the ability to shrink her and her friends as well as the town to nothing, and that’d be the end of them. But currently she just wants to enjoy her bath, so it won’t matter what they do.

Lucy realises this and thus Brandish continues as long as she does what she does, she won’t lift a finger, despite evidence to the contrary, she takes good care of her pets. Brandish clicks her fingers and the building next to hers is quickly shrunk to a small doll house.

Brandish mentions that it’s her last chance for her to enter the bathtub, it’s an order. Hollow also shouts to get in, although he’s trapped. Lucy begins to take her clothes off as she realises that as long as she’s here, she can’t use her magic, she has no idea what she’s after, she has no choice but to take her up on this, a naked battle between Lucy vs Brandish. Fairy Tail 456 ends here.

What a wonderful chapter, Natsu is conserving his power while Lucy has to face against Brandish, one of the Spriggan 12, all alone. This battle is just starting, and it’s getting very interesting. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 457, titled “Battle of Naked”, when Lucy and Brandish do their stuff, lol.

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    1. Sunite

      Hahahaah that’s what the manga itself tagged it as. Basically, an evil character Brandish, forced the good Lucy to enter her in the bath, or else she’ll destroy the city they all live in.


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        Hell damn, I would have done it too if that’s the case. I don’t mind fan service, as long as it’s necessary for the situation. Like in Bleach. Nelliel’s adult form was kinda fan service, but it made sense because she transformed from a little girl. Also when Ichigo was heading with Tenjiro in his hot springs and nearly naked.


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