2000 Face Weapons! Erza vs Minerva – Fairy Tail 250

Fairy Tail 250 see’s Wendy’s realization that there are in fact more than just one Face weapon, Doranbolt confirms around 2000 Face weapons throughout the lands. All while Erza and Minerva battle it out to see who’s stronger, all when she begins to think about her past. Mard Geer appears in that scene to quickly initiate his dark attack when Sting and Rogue appear to save them.

Fairy Tail 250 begins as Silver goes on ahead to take Gray to a different location. It seems that it’s time to fight it out. Tempesta attacks when Gajeel turns into iron, then everyone begins to attack on another. The battle resets when Tempesta unleashes his lightning.

Elsewhere we see Lily looking for people, he quickly finds Happy with a mushroom on his head, he tries to help him but it doesn’t come off however much he pulls. They go on ahead when we see that Franmalth is in fact the mushroom as he was shrunk by the Hell’s Core explosion.

He wants to get all of them together and unleash his attack. Franmalth also discuss other things to himself. Others are also trying to find out where they  are as well as where others are at. Makarov is headed towards the guild in order to unleash the light.

Wendy wakes up with Carla by her side, Doranbolt tells them everything that they did good but there is something that they also need to know. Franmalth thinks about what Mard Geer said about continuation of Face Weapon, when we go on and see that there isn’t just one face, but in fact more than one, Doranbolt confirms there being around 2000 Face weapons.

Wendy tells herself ans Carla that they need to do something about this, the others are fighting and thus they need to try to stop all of them if possible, that she even cuts her own hair to a much shorter version. Erza fights against a happy Minerva who calls herself Neo-Minerva.

Erza’s sword is broken but can still fight with all her might. It seems that Erza is clearly much stronger, even with no sword. Minerva remembers the moments she was a child and was told by her father that she needs to get stronger and not cry anymore or else she will get killed.

From this rage, Minerva clearly goes out of control when she remembers that she herself killed one of own comrades after she denied to finish him off. Thus her father did it. Due to her weakness she is forced to stay in the forest until she stops crying and gets stronger.

She is forced to fight all night against the monsters until she can speak the word of the guild and become strong, leaving her emotions behind. She does so and all for Sabertooth. However, Erza punches her down telling her that she must not do this as there are people waiting for her to go back home. Thus Minerva wants to end her own life and end it all.

However, out of nowhere Mard Geer appears who forces them into a fight after he tells them that humans are nothing but trash and attacks. He launches one of his dark attacks at Minerva, however someone blocks it and thus helps Minerva, this is Sting and Rogue who have come to bring her back home. Fairy Tail 250 ends here.

A pretty cool episode as we see that Minerva’s family has arrived there to help her and bring her back home. Next week’s Fairy Tail 251, titled “A Boy’s Tale” will see the tale told by Silver and Gray as they fight one on one. Can’t wait to see their secret revealed.

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