Infinite Tsukuyomi Activated! Yamato’s Dream – Naruto Shippuden 426

Naruto Shippuden 426 see’s the activation of the Infinite Tsukuyomi as Madara Uchiha unleashes his wrath upon the whole world in an effort to use the moon to shine his jutsu upon every corner of the world. Everyone’s eyes turn into the Rinnegan as they’re captured, while also using the power of the divine tree in order to wrap and keep them in their inner world, like Yamato.

Naruto Shippuden 426 begins as everyone facing White Zetsu see that within the battle which Naruto and others are, are facing Madara and his intense powers. They notice that they can’t do a lot and thus the only way they can survive is just hand tight for a while until the attacks have calmed down.

Zetsu notices that Madara has already activated his power and that there is no longer a need for Zetsu to use the person inside of him. They all look towards the moon as the Infinite Tsukuyomi sigh has been imprinted into it. Naruto launches a number of Rasen-Shuriken at the balls while Sasuke heads towards Naruto and others as he tries to cover all of them as it seems the Infinite Tsukuyomi is about to begin.

Madara activates it and everyone eyes turn into that of Rinnegan as the moon shines bright on the whole world all at once. It takes over everyone who is alive while leaving those who are dead and still alive living. Everyone, even those who are hiding from humans to animals are all taken over.

Madara unleashes his Divine Deep Forest Emergence who uses it to capture and put everyone within a cacoon. All while Hiruzen tries to remove these. It covers Hinata, she calls for Naruto’s help as Sasuke stops him. It seems that Naruto and others are still alive as Black Zetsu mentions that the genjutsu cannot penetrate his Susanoo.

Zetsu lets go of the person in front of him, this being Yamato who doesn’t realise whats going on, he begins to remember, however out of nowhere his eyes turn into Rinnegan. He begins to have a world changes as he remembers everything from his childhood. He remembers his friends and even a made up story when he has to fight Kabuto in order to save Kakashi.

He begins the remember when he realises that he’s gotten so much happiness from it where he is now that he vows that it’s where he belongs. He thinks that where he is is actually reality. Hiruzen tries to remove it from him but it doesn’t go the way he wants as everyone is trapped. Minato wakes up in Konoha while noticing that everyone is the village has also been captured by the technique. Naruto Shippuden 426 ends here.

A terribly good episode, even if everyone is within the world of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, it seems that Naruto and others are the only chance they have in order to save everyone from this technique and from Madara, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 427, titled “The World of Dreams”, when this continues as Madara battles against Naruto and Sasuke, while also seeing other people’s dreams as they’re trapped.

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