Fairy Heart! Spriggan Zeref and Makarov Escapes – Fairy Tail 445

Fairy Tail 445 see’s the true name of Lumen Histoire as Fairy Heart with Zeref finally talking to Makarov privately but Mest arrives and saves him from being killed. More Spriggan 12 members are revealed, on top of which Zeref’s plans on initiation a war for extermination to enable the Dark Magic vs Dragon King vs Human, these being Zeref vs Acnologia vs Natsu.

Fairy Tail 445 begins as Zeref enters the Alvarez Empire and is quickly encountered by one of the Spriggan 12, Winter General Imber. Zeref mentions that he’d like to gather the 12 for a meeting. Imber mentions that it could be a challenge for him as everyone are in different places.

Then we’re quickly introduced to two more characters of the Spriggan 12, Dimaria Goesta and Azir Lamur. Zeref mentions that they seem well as Imber tells them to talk with respect in front of Zeref. We see another members as the old man asks if he’s been able to gain an answer from Ragnarok, spoken by one of the Spriggan 12, Magic King, August.

Zeref mentions that this in Ishgar is called the Dragon King Festival which is read as Final Battle. It seems that Zeref is planning a fight here. Yajeel appears in front of Zeref mentioning that there is a person who wanted to meet with Zeref to which he goes onto introduced Makarov, thus he kneels and quickly mentions that he’s honored to meet him.

He asks for everyone to leave as they get to the gardens outside. Makarov quickly asks if he’s the Emperor Spriggan or Zeref. He mentions that he is both and known differently in different nations. But if he insists, then Zeref would be his name. He mentions that he’s been looking for a reason to live in that world, it’s been over 400 years.

But he must know that he has been preparing for the Dragon Festival this entire time, he wonders how many centuries it’s been since he’s decided to create a country in Arakitashia. He mentions that it was a very small country but it became very large. Makarov asks if he did so to get to the Lumen Histoire when Zeref mentions that there is no reason to hide the real name.

The most prestigious of the three grand Fairy magic, the Ultimate Hidden Magic, Fairy Heart! He agrees to chase after it, however, it’s only something he’s recently decided upon this, on top of which he mentions that the empire was created to go up against Acnologia.

He also goes on to mentioning that what was done 10 years ago was not of his doing, among the 12, there are few that do not know the meaning of no. Therefore, he had to step in and stop it, because it wasn’t the right time. Makarov asks if this was because of the council, to which he mentions that he did take this into consideration, however Alvarez has no intention of losing to either Ishgar or Acnologia.

Makarov asks if there is any room for negotiation, to which Zeref says no to this and mentions that a true Dragon King Festival will soon commence, the Black Wizard, the Dragon King and Humans will play his game and see who will survive. Makarov asks if he wants to start a war to which Zeref replies with his intentions to start an extermination.

Makarov shouts at him mentioning that he won’t hand over the first to the likes of him, thus Zeref waves his hands and quickly begins to choke and control the body of Makarov. He mentions that he’s thankful what he’s done, he thanks him for raising Natsu as he begins to kill Makarov with the sheer force of his power.

Zeref mentions that he’ll soon put him out of his misery, and delivery his body to Natsu, he wonders how much rage he will show after this. Zeref asks Makarov for his last words as Makarov calls Zeref a filthy little demon while Zeref reveals the true meaning of Spriggan meaning, the name of a filthy little fairy.

However Mest appears, grabs onto Makarov and quickly disappears. Then later appears outside the kingdom in the forest, everyone is happy to see him, while Makarov is also shocked to see them there. Mest shouts Zeref’s name and mentions that he was there, Natsu is pissed while Zeref quickly discovered that Natsu has also come. Fairy Tail 445 ends here.

A brilliant and fantastic chapter as we’re revealed the final intentions of Zeref for the future, there being a final war coming up real soon. On top of which, when will Natsu find out what his past is, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 446, titled “The Land Abandoned by God” when we’ll see a whopping 31 pages of manga with special colour pages too.

There are 2 comments

  1. Deepak singh

    Can you explain me what zeref meant when he said spriggan is the name of hideous fairy was he referring to ‘god serena’ or spriggan itself means hideous fairy???


  2. Deepak singh

    Also excited to see what conclusion will makrove remove after hearing natsu’s name from zeref, thanking him for bringing natsu to him ?


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