Zeref Emperor Spriggan! Makarov’s Alive – Fairy Tail 444

Fairy Tail 444 see’s Makarov alive waiting for the Emperor Spriggan to come back to which we see Zeref arrive as the whole town cheers for him. Natsu and others meet with Angel or Solano as we know her now, we also learn that they’ll now be going towards Makarov who has grown quite the beard living somewhat peacefully playing cards and waiting for Zeref.

Fairy Tail 444 begins as Natsu and others are back on the boat trying to survive from the water as well as helping others out who are still on the boat. Erza thinks that Brandish’s magic seems to involve the growing and shrinking of things, a magic that changes mass and she wields it at quite a high level. Both Natsu and Wendy unable to cope in the boat as they’re Dragon Slayer powers.

They try to figure out what to do next when Erza and everyone else change locations as they’re pulled into a building where Mest teleported them into a building. They’re underwater within Caracolle island, it’s also revealed that as they’re underwater, they’re able to pop in and out from the air bubble they’re in.

It quickly turns into a moving vehicle where it moves so quickly underwater. We quickly see Solano, or Angel as we knew her inviting them to the sailing temple Olympia. We also find out that the person who was supposed to meet up with was Solano. She mentions that she owes Mest a favour so that is why she’s there.

Wendy asks where they’re going to which Solano mentions that they’re headed towards Makarov’s location. By this she means that she found out where Makarov is. At the Alvarez Empire Vistarion place, we see two people, Makarov and Yazir, where Yazir asks if he knows that Fairy Tail is coming back, to which Makarov mentions that he is surprised but his facial expression doesn’t seem that way.

Yazir asks if he expected this, to which Makarov says that he did but he wasn’t talking about the guild. He is surprised that the emperor of is not what he expected. Yazir laughs and mentions that his King is kind, to a fault. Makarov mentions that in Ishgar, he is known as a man of war, one that subjugated the guilds of Arakitashia with martial force.

Makarov and Yazir are playing a game called Rajenca, a card game. He mentions that Yazir is indeed skilled at the game, on top of which he mentions that the key is not let the goddess fall into enemy hands. The whole city comes to life after hearing news that his Majesty has returned.

It’s been a year but he’s finally back. Yazir and Makarov look upon the streets to see the king, to which he knows the need to maintain peace with Ishgar. All they currently need is his majesty seal allowing the 12 to fall into line. Yazir mentions that after everything has been settled, he should return to his guild. Makarov says that this is correct as his family is waiting.

Makarov looks upon the Emperor of Alvarez to which it’s revealed that it’s none other than the one we know as Zeref! Zeref walks among the people of the town as he goes into his castle. Everyone cheers for him. Yazir mentions that he never seems to age while he wishes to have his ability. All while Makarov is shocked to see such a sight that Zeref is their king. Fairy Tail 444 ends here.

A fantastic chapter indeed as we see both Makarov with a magnificent beard as well as the Zeref we know to return to his own kingdom. If Natsu and others are coming towards him then we already know that they’ll see each other. On top of which, if Makarov and Zeref talk, we’ll definitely see a good conversation between them in next week’s Fairy Tail 445.

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  1. Deepak singh

    Hahahahaha i the previous chapter i mentioned we might get to see zeref in this arc turn out that zeref is emperor spriggan ? which also means he is stronger then god serena but i dont understand onething how come people are excited on his return where as people in isghar run ? when he arrives cuz where ever he goes there is death and one more thing i need to ask is, is acnologia controlled by zeref or his just a partner of his in his sins ?


    1. Sunite

      I think this might be because of how Zeref and his demons most likely originated in Ishgar while in the Alvarez Kingdom, he most likely brought everyone together and made peace by joining every guild into one. So in that sense the whole country is protected. Acnologia is different then Zeref, they are two powerful beings, and as Zeref I think fought Acnologia, does this mean that Zeref won against Acnologia? And he’s dead?


      1. Deepak singh

        No no no i dont think acnologia is dead ?few things are still left to be settled plus he is one of the main character in this arc i guess, cuz its all about dark guilds from here on.


        1. Sunite

          But think about it, last we saw Zeref and Acnologia was when we saw his human form and Zeref talking about how Acnologia has a thirst for fighting. Zeref also didn’t want Natsu to get hurt from Acnologia and his fighting, thus Zeref have had to do something like like him so he prevent’s Acnologia from attacking FT again.


          1. qua1738

            Ohh yes acnologia did mention that you been waiting for the last battle between a dragon an immortal and mankind. That mean they ended up fighting and if they did acnologia is dead if not then smthings fishy ?


    1. Sunite

      I think when it comes to someone strong knowing another strong person. It’s okay to assume that they’ve known or seen each other. I guess that Zeref will also see Makarov and possibly reveal to him the real reason why he’s been doing all of this.


  2. Madara

    Wait didnt Makarov meet the emperor already one year ago? He was speaking about him,,,
    Maybe it was another one and Zeref killed him and took his place?
    Or im missing something


    1. Sunite

      He may have met a representative. Or may have met him indirectly, unknowingly who the actual king is, he was probably given a fair chance to negotiate as he mentioned. He now finds out who the actual King is by face.


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