Jellal vs Oracion Seis! Silver and Gray – Fairy Tail 239

Fairy Tail 239 see’s a connection between Silver and Gray as Natsu realises that they have very similar smells, on top of which Jellal and the Oracion Seis crew face off when Jellal powers up to trade better against them. Brain is changing into something more demonic. All while Elfman is being controlled by Seilah in order to blow up the whole guild.

Fairy Tail 239 begins as Lucy and others are at the house of the chairman, they can’t seem to find anything. Natsu blasts Crawford down while Erza is being tortured. Franmalth and Natsu go head to head as Franmalth attacks but Happy helps Natsu get out of the lightning attack. Elsewhere we see Gray and Juvia travel back to the guild, she finds something strange.

Franmalth tries to fight but he’s quickly being attacked by Natsu. Silver appears out of nowhere and tells Franmalth to back off and help the councilman too. Silver asks if he was the one to unfreeze the village, to which Natsu asks if he was the one to freeze it. Natsu tells him that he smells familiar, he has a similar smell to Gray. While he says his name, Silver freezes him completely and tells him to not utter that name.

At this point Happy escapes and heads back to Fairy Tail leaving Natsu and others there. Natsu is put in a jail cell where he finds Lisanna, she tells him that she doesn’t know how she ended up there, she was with Elfman, to which she thinks he’s been captured too. She finds out Lisanna and Erza are there too. He mentions that Happy has escaped and probably gone back to the village.

Seilah and Kyouka speak as she mentions that they know who the last key is, this being Jellal, on top of which Seilah knows a way to end Fairy Tail. Jellal battles the members of Oracion Seis, he’s being beaten down, it’s mentioned that it all began in the tower. Jellal powers up and smashes them down one by one, all while Brain comes back to life changing his form.

Natsu tries to get out of the cell by trying to smash through it. At the HQ, they talk about everything that’s happened, when Happy shows up and tells them everything. Levy will try to work out where their flying base is headed using her calculations. Elfman appears as he mentions that Lisanna has been captured.

It seems that something is wrong as his eyes are very different, he’s slow and doesn’t have a fight in him. Seilah mentions that he has setup for Fairy Tail to explode from the inside as he uses Elfman to place an explosive to blow it up and bring the whole guild down. He wants to just save Lisanna when Fairy Tail 239 ends here.

A good episode building upon what we already know about the story, on top of which we might have just go the biggest clue to who Silver might be. Can you guess who it might be? Next week’s Fairy Tail 240, titled “The Place that Prayers Reach” will focus on Tartarus as they’ll show up above Fairy Tail and see the guild explode into pieces.

What do you think?

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