Sakura Arrives! Shin Injured – Naruto Gaiden 6

Naruto Gaiden 6 shows Shin vs Sasuke as they both fight head to head in order to protect Sarada from any hard. Sasuke uses his ability against Shin and the kid, while Shin also uses his own Mangekyou Sharingan against Naruto and Sasuke to stab him. Sakura appears and smashes Shin into the ground, they disappear using Time-Space Technique.

Naruto Gaiden 6 begins as Sasuke and Shin clash on the sky’s, Sasuke looks out and blocks his attacks. Whilst blocking, Shin reaches his arm however Sasuke uses his sword to black his approach. The kid approaches from the back however Sasuke uses his abilities to replace himself with Shin.

Then uses his Fireball Jutsu to engulf both of his opponents. Out of nowhere, we see Shin use his own kid to stop himself from being burnt. They both fall to the ground, Shin mentions that Sasuke also has eye powers. He definitely wants something like that for the revival of Akatsuki.

Naruto realises that he may be a survivor of the Akatsuki. He introduces himself as Shin Uchiha, it seems that he has the same name as his child. It seems that they are father and son. Shin focuses his eye as Sasuke is about to attack, as he swings his sword back.

Shin’s ability takes place as Sasuke’s sword thrusts through Naruto’s body. Shin mentions that the power of his eye allowed him to do so. It seems that when he touched his sword, he marked it. Naruto’s Kurama shield fades away, to which the attacks from Shin begin once more when it head towards Sarada.

Sasuke has to step in to block the attacks, Shin brings out more blades out to attack, however seconds later we see Sakura appear out of nowhere as she punches Shin  in the face and into the ground! Naruto uses his Kurama’s form to attack himself to Shin and his son.

Kurama mentions that Naruto isn’t even mortally hurt, he’s skills are getting rusty. Kurama is getting tired of him not working his skills anymore. Sakura apologizes for not telling her when Sasuke mentions that it’s his fault for Sarada. A small Gedo Mazo like eye thing appears as it mentions that it’s taking one with him.

It uses Space-time Ninjutsu to disappear taking Sakura with it. They reappear somewhere else where there are other clones of Shin kids. On top of which we see the injured kid get killed. Chocho appears as she looks at Naruto and others as they talk about the man they just fought.

Elsewhere we see Shin with the injured child as there seems to be a liver on a plate, it seems that Sakura is questioning herself what about the surgery she may have to do on Shin to help save their lives. It seems to be a weird chapter as Sakura could have to help him.

A fantastic chapter, it’s starting to get weird, on top of which Shin is also a little weird, he got knocked out in just one punch. How could he bring back the Akatsuki is he got beat up so easily. Nevertheless, it seems like it’s about to get better in next week’s Naruto Gaiden 7!

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  1. dreager1

    All right, another solid chapter! Naruto and Sasuke were jobbed hard here as the villains should not have been able to do so well and escape, but it was plot hax that was relatively unavoidable for the series to keep on going. It’ll be fun to see the two heroes have a good rematch against the villains soon.


    1. Sunite

      Naruto/Sasuke meeting is always good, on top of which Sarada is there, so we’ve got some drama. It was pretty funny to see Sakura arriving and quickly becoming the savior, then quickly becoming the hostage xD. I don’t get why Sakura is helping out Shin in transplanting his liver. Seems very odd that she’s helping the enemy.


      1. Kisuke

        Ya same here and why do characters with healing powers always tend to heal enemies(Orihime healing Loly and Menoly).I was literally rolling on the floor when Sakura yelled what are doing to my darling husband and daughter…:)


  2. Crimson Kinghgf

    Naruto can’t be stabbed by a normal sword in the Kyuubi’s cloak. That’s the full powered version of it PLUS he’s using Sage Mode. These 2 are being dulled down ridiculously in order to make this Shin a formidable opponent.


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