Fairy Tail To Get 2nd Anime Movie

This week’s Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine recently announced that there would be a  second Fairy Tail movie coming soon, it has been green-lit. The magazine also unveiled image boards with art that Mashima also drew for the film. The upcoming issue also releases two chapters in a week, being the fourth one in a row.

The announcement which Hiro Mashima was talking about and building up on is possible this. The issue also teases “the series’ biggest shocker ever! A development you absolutely can’t miss!!” So what are your thoughts on this, it’ll be a while till we see the movie available to watch, it will be a good for us.

Fairy Tail 2nd MovieSource: ANN

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  1. devenluca

    It may take some time for the movie to be made but it’ll be coming in English immediately afterwards. Fairy Tail is Funimation’s second most popular series after Dragon Ball Z


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