From Zero to Hero – Naruto Uzumaki

We’ve seen Naruto from the very start, he was seen as nothing but a monster who could erupt at any moment, as he grew and became stronger, he showed his true nature and how he wanted to show everyone what he’s got, especially those in the village. He fought and fought and became stronger, even as far as to kick some serious ass of a number of different villains. Here are just some forms of his from child to becoming a Hokage.

From Zero to Hero Naruto Uzumaki by genicecream

A fantastic piece of fan art by the one and only genicecream, they has some really good piece of fan art based on some really popular anime. Definitely worth a check if you’d like to see more of their work. Also be sure to go ahead and share this page as well as comment down below on which Naruto is the best.

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  1. dreager1

    I always loved the phrase “Zero to Hero” It’s one that I love to use a lot and I first heard it in Kingdom Hearts. I don’t typically comment on the daily art posts, but I wanted to say kudos for using the saying. It’s an epic one!


    1. Sunite

      Haha, I think I first heard it as it was a TV show name, yeah the art is pretty good actually. I missed out of Kingdom Hearts when it the “thing” back in the day, or if it still is a thing.


      1. dreager1

        The 10 year delay for KH III hasn’t helped it, but the series still has a fairly big fanbase. I’m certainly looking forward to it. (Could be like 3 more years though) Sounds like it’s been a busy week for you with finals and all from the other posts. You’re in the home stretch though so good luck on the tests 🙂


        1. Sunite

          Thank you, been hard trying to blogging, so writing the blogs with minimal info and filling them in. I’ve got some big plans for this blog over the summer, especially moving over to self-hosted, with lots of new stuff 🙂

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