Warrod Seeken! New Adventure at Sun Village – Fairy Tail 227

Fairy Tail 227 finally gets into the manga episodes as we begin a new adventure with everyone as Warrod Seeken, 4th member of the Wizard Saints. They receive a job by him to go into a village named the Sun Village where members of that town have been frozen solid, they begin their new adventure, it’s going to be good!

Fairy Tail 227 begins with everyone in the bath, they talk about how everyone is so busy now, Jet and Droy with Gajeel and Lily trapped by some people. Natsu and Gray are in their own missions too. Laxus and Freed are having their own moment as he scrubs his back.

The talk of Lucy’s boobs being fondled comes up with Cana, everyone gets nervous, especially Levy and most of the lads in their own baths.Wendy and Erza have gone to their own missions for sweets. We mysteriously see Flare from Raven Tail who mentions that her guild disbanded and has nowhere to go.

Lucy thanks Flare for saving her that one time, she now offers to her her wash up. Lucy could ask Makarov about Flare joining but she doesn’t want to join herself. Juvia thinks that Flare will be her romantic rival.

Lucy goes back home to find Wendy and Erza at her house, they had spare sweets to offer her. They go ahead to find Natsu and Gray since it’s been a few days since they last saw each other. They see the large monster they were supposed to defeat, however it’s been dead for a while.

Happy shows up exhausted. He wakes up and tells them that Natsu and Gray have been fighting for three days. Erza tries to stop them when she gets hit, she gets angry and smacks them to stop it! They go back to the guild, they receive a VIP request.

Makarov learns that it’s a important mission from Warrod Seeken, one of the 10 Wizard Saints at 4th place. They go on ahead to his place, they reach there when an old man with a face made of wood appears, it’s their client, Warrod Seeken.

He shows them his plants and jokes around with them here and there. They go out to learn about the job, he travels from place to place and gives land some life. He stumbled upon the Sun Village where a fire has been burning for a while, protecting everyone.

Hoewver, the village was covered with Ice, everyone is still alive and so is the flame itself. Natsu says that he can just melt it, while Warrod mentions that it’s a special kind of ice. Warrod himself cannot do anything about this since he has no offensive magic.

They get ready, Warrod makes them stand in one place when he creates a large plant where it helps them to transport from their place to the village. We also learn that Warrod Seeken was one of the first to help to create the Fairy Tail guild building, as well as being one of the first members of Fairy Tail! Fairy Tail 227 ends here.

A fantastic episode, we learn a little about the past of Fairy Tail and it’s members, a crazy adventure begins now. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 228, when they end up on Sun Village and see whats there, everything is frozen in an episode called “Wizards vs Hunters”.


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