Ichiya’s Zombie Perfume! – Fairy Tail 226

Fairy Tail 226 see’s the infestation of Ichiya’s perfume which infects most or all of the people living in Magnolia as everyone infected changes into a zombie like state where their faces changes into that of Ichiya’s. Natsu and Lucy set their mission to fix all of this and get everyone back to normal.

Fairy Tail 226, lets quickly run through funny episode, as Ichiya spills his new perfume into the sewers, everyone of Magnolia, even members of Fairy Tail begin transforming and getting zombified by the perfume which turns everyone’s faces into that of Ichiya. To which Lucy has no hope when Natsu finds her.

They run and enter the sewers where Gajeel chases them away, Romeo and Wendy talk when Romeo gets captured and changes too. However, he mentioned that Natsu would know the answer to this problem. As Natsu and Lucy are trying to escape, they meet Wendy and Carla who are still okay to which Wendy tells Natsu that he would know what to do.

Natsu remembers that Erza had given him an odor removing lacrima to which he lunges down to the Fairy Tail HQ and gets it, even while Laxus is trying to attack him. They all return to normal with the help of Natsu and the lacrima. Everything returns to normal as Fairy Tail 226 ends here.

A funny Fairy Tail episode, it’s been a while since I last burst out laughing, especially with Fairy Tail episodes. Nevertheless, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 227, titled “The Morning of a New Adventure”, when we finally get some fantastic actual canon episodes straight from the manga!

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