Rock Lee vs Shira! Fuu The Jinchuuriki – Naruto Shippuden 401

Naruto Shippuden 401 mainly focuses on the battle between Rock Lee and Shira as they both test their own skills in a fair battle when Rock Lee is at a disadvantage, soon as Shira enables his powers, Lee does the same and quickly over powers him. Gaara also finds out that Fuu might in fact be a Jinchuuriki.

Naruto Shippuden 401 begins as Lee and Shira both get ready to battle, we see Lee take his weights off to battle Shira. They’re both ready, Shira mentions that it’s his last battle. They hit one another, with both of them hitting each other one by one. Neji knows that he’s strong.

Lee notices that he’s as strong as Neji or Guy. Shira talks mentioning that Gaara had talked about someone with Taijutsu skills who put him on the right tracks, referring to Lee. They begin their battles again, Neji mentions that they’re just matching up against each other.

Lee is being pushed a lot more than he should due to Shira’s weight, Lee tries to open his first Lotus first gate but he’s unable to since Shira already thought of it and was preventing his chakra points from working. Shira chances positions, they both go at it but Lee is unable to attack as Shira’s attack have no sound.

Neji notices that he’s using the special owl-like feathers to go up against Lee. It works, when Rock Lee remembers the moment he was training with Guy, Neji and Tenten before. However, Guy had taught him a new technique where he can predict the future by leading the opponent into doing a certain attack.

It works and Lee is able to escape some of Shira’s attacks, he uses this advantage. Shira nearly closes one of the gates but it seems that he’s in fact opened them for Rock Lee. Lee goes ahead to open his Eight Inner Gates, while surprisingly we see Shira open up his Seven Heavenly Breaths, first, second and third gates are opened.

Shira is said that it improves his breathing and thus allows him to replenish his power very quickly. They begin their battle, they’re evenly matches when Lee goes ahead to open his Fourth and Fifth with allows him to crush Shira altogether.

Shira is pushed back, however no longer able to fight he’s wound reopens and postpones the battles. He mentions that he’s happy to have lost to him, and that Lee is a great taijutsu user. Lee gives him one of his suits to help him battle. Shira explains that he’ll go back to his parents after all the exams.

He has no regrets, they’re both happy. Neji seems to have two heaven scrolls and no earth ones. Gaara finds out that two ninja’s from Hidden Water Fall may not be genin but in fact Jonin. Gaara tells them not to reveal it to anyone. He looks at the battle field for them, he notices them. Fuu quickly notices his eye ball, when Gaara notices that she may be a Jinchuuriki. Naruto Shippuden 401 ends here.

A good episode, good to see Lee and Shira battle, and seeing as how hard Lee has worked, it’s good to see that Lee has gained a lot of power and is much stronger from his previous self. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 402, titled “Escape vs. Pursuit” when we see Hinata and the others battle it out.

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