Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Live-Action Fan Video

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is a fan-made live-action pilot episode retelling the Dragon Ball Z Special 2: The History of Trunks, including moments when Trunks and Gohan fought against Android 17 and Android 18, this is when Goku and others had died. Amazingly well made fan video, worth a watch!

The pilot is directed by Donnie McMillin and written by Derek Padula. The video stars Tyler Tackett as Android 17, Amy Johnston as Android 18, Anton Bex as Gohan, Jack Wald as Trunks, Ruthann Thompson as Bulma, and Tim Neff as the Voice of Future Trunks.The video is h osted on Robot Underdog‘s channel, more of the show and it’s behind-the-scenes video are available there.

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