Silver Labyrinth! Hakobe Ice – Fairy Tail 221

Fairy Tail 221 shows us a terrible episode with Natsu, Happy and Lucy facing a job where they try to get some magical ice, for which after obtaining it, they themselves use it and it’s all back to square zero. Personally, I didn’t like this episode, and I believe the next few episodes, until we get to the canon episodes will be terrible. 

Fairy Tail 221 begins, I’ll keep this short and sweet. They go ahead to find some special ice which is used in special products for medical reasons. Lucy and others are having a hard time outside and thus can’t seem to face the blizzard ahead. They quickly enter a cave where they find it a little better.

Natsu uses his fire to light it up, however the cave itself is living, they begin to get trapped by it for a total of three days when they can’t seem to stay awake any longer. They begin dreaming and do all sorts of stupid things. Natsu gets angry and punches a wall to which he finds a light ahead.

He can’t break the ice ahead of him, Lucy realizes that it’s Hakobe Ice, she cuts with a special pen given to her. A large monster appears which chases them down, everyone is weak. Lucy thinks of an idea to give Natsu the ice to make him strong, it works and he beats down the monster. They realise they have no ice and have to restart their job. Fairy Tail 221 ends here.

Terrible episode, didn’t like it at all. Hard for me to say that I’ll be waiting for the next episode Fairy Tail 222, titled “transform” when we see people and things transform into stupid things, I can already tell it’s going to be another terrible episode.

What do you think?

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