Chunin Exam Round Two! Demon Desert – Naruto Shippuden 398

Naruto Shippuden 398 shows the day before the second round of the Chunin exams begins, we see someone try to kill Gaara while the individual teams try to get some food in them before going to sleep. It seems like another casual Naruto episode, not a lot happened and just builds up for the next episode and Demon Desert.

Naruto Shippuden 398 begins as Kankuro stops with the help of Temari a person from the Wind village trying to kill Gaara. They both tell Gaara about it but he just says that because of Naruto, he wants to for the sake of becoming a better Kazekage. Many of the people start getting there however Kurenai and Sarutobi stop them as they’ve filled up the 30 spaces available.

Most of the teams are already  there. Most of the teams settle down and just calm down for a little bit. Fuu is being locked in for the fact that she will ruin their chances. Dinner is ready and everyone is pulling all kinds of faces. One of which, from the Grass village is sweating a lot.

They’re scared he’ll get his sweat on the food, so they try to stop him, in the process they break the tables and the food are in ruin. A fight breaks out as they all begin attacking each other, even Gaara’s name pops up. They all attack each other as Neji begins analysing everyone elses attacks.

Lee’s attack is stopped by someone he doesn’t know, Fuu also comes out of nowhere to which she somehow stops the battle between each other. She tries to makes friends when she is just sad. Lee talks to Shira from the Sand who tells him that Determination will not let him down.

Kakashi reports into Tsunade saying that he was found by the village really quickly. Choji tries to go to the Sensei place when he’s trapped by the large scorpion. Fuu comes out of nowhere while Sakura, Ino and Choji are all trapped. Fuu saves all three of them. Gaara, Guy and Temari show up telling them to go to bed. Fuu says she wants to make friends, Gaara is reminded of Naruto by her. The next games begin, to find a given scroll, they must battle each other to find the other scroll. Naruto Shippuden 398 ends here.

A good chapter, we continue next week’s Naruto Shippuden 399, titled “Survival in the Demon Desert” when we see the others fight as they carry onto the next round to find what they’re looking. They even do 1 v 1 battles after this.

What do you think?

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