Chunin Exams Begin! Sakura’s Strength – Naruto Shippuden 395

Naruto Shippuden 395 carry’s on with the Chunin Exams as we follow Sakura in her journey to become stronger. We also see Naruto train with Jiraiya in order to use Kurama’s chakra to his advantage. The Chunin Exams begin with many of the other villagers student coming along to participate, even Fuu who is the Seven Tails’ Jinchuuriki.

Naruto Shippuden 395 begins as Kakashi goes ahead to visit the Rain Village to give the invitation. He goes ahead to give the invitation in which he doesn’t quite see the Salamander but in fact see’s where he is. We later see Pain with Konan who talk when she mentions that they’ve received a letter from the Sand and Leaf village about the Chunin exams. They go ahead and send some of their students.

We see Fuu summoned by their leader to which he also proposes that she should go, to which he goes with his helpers to see the world a little. She is told not to show her Jinchuuriki powers. Gaara and Kankuro talk about what Gaara wants to do, to which he just mentions that it’s his mission to do this.

The teachers are given the task to go ahead and prepare their students for the exams. It seems that Shikamaru’s team is a man short as they need to find a replacement for him. They try and think of many others but it seems that their next person is Sakura. She is asked but quickly denies as she thinks that she will just pull them back.

Sakura thinks about it all and what she should do. Ino tells Choji and Shikamaru that she was unsuccessful. Sakura tries to talk to Tsunade but it just seems that she is busy so she just leaves. Tsunade has a lot of work to do. Sakura goes on ahead to think about what she should be doing. Naruto is training hard with Jiraiya.

Sakura gets to the hospital to which she quickly puts herself in a ICU to help an injured man. Naruto is attacked by a team of three. Sakura is finding it hard to help the man as she is quickly running out of chakra. Naruto had blocked the attack using his chakra from Kurama. Sakura had performed the surgery well, however she is out of chakra.It seems that Sakura has in fact joined up with Ino and Choji. Many of the teams are quickly coming into the village to participate. Naruto Shippuden 395 ends here.

The Chunin Exams begin properly in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 396, it was a good episode however they’re just past stuff to fill the time being. Naruto Shippuden 395 will feature the exams, being titled “In Naruto’s Fuusteps ~ The Path Traveled The Three Questions”. Should be a good episode.

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