Bleach Manga on Break due to Illness

Tite Kubo recently confirmed on Twitter that Bleach manga will not run in the next issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump due to Kubo being ill. Kubo spent 8 days in hospital after only finishing half the draft for the next chapter. Kubo had posted a series of tweets, starting on the 6th of January, that he’s not been feeling very well.

Bleach Cover 66 Sorry I Am Strong Kubo TiteThe Bleach chapter likely to be affected is Bleach 612, which will most likely tell the story of what Yhwach is doing to the Soul King. Kubo mentions that he had only drawn/drafted half of the new chapter’s manuscript, on Tuesday (yesterday) he tweeted out that he had left hospital after eights days, and now headed to his studio.

Kubo had begun the final arc (Thousand Year War Arc) back in 2012. It’s getting to it’s climax now with Yhwach being revealed to be the Soul King’s son, Ichigo getting really strong with help and we’ve even seen the Royal Guards battle. The artwork above is the cover art for the latest set of chapters featuring the Royal Guards. What are you thoughts on this? Be sure to go ahead and comment below.

Source: ANN

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    1. Sunite

      Yeah, he’s been in hospital quite often and due to it we’ve had a lot of missed chapters. And after such a Christmas holiday he misses another weak. I hope it lasts that long, it would be awesome if it did!


  1. Bleach

    Get Well Soon Kubo. Hope the manga ends in an epic way, we need Aizen back and some serious battles. Hope the anime returns as well. Does anyone know Kubo’s official twitter account?


  2. Satouf

    It’s a shame, Tite is under a lot of pressure to get the chapters done.
    Hopefully he is much better now.
    That cover shows the zero squad is all ok!!! I guess


    1. Nick Dunn

      The Royal Guard are okay. I believe they lost so Kubo can show us that the Elite Guard are not weak and are very strong. This new Volume is when the Elite Guard were introduced and Oetsu uses what I can guess is his Zanpakuto Sayafushi.


  3. Levi+Gajeel5ever

    Even should Bleach end in the near future (which would not surprise me, considering the official end of long-running manga Naruto), I can see a huge potential for back-story pieces. What Bleach fan WOULDNT want to see Yamamoto in his prime kicking Quincy butt?? Or perhaps the very beginning of the Soul Society, with Squad 0?


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