“The Last” Naruto The Movie New Advert and Movie Spoilers

Naruto’s latest “The Last” Movie has been released in Japanese theater, with it’s arrival comes some more advertisements and even more spoilers for the movie. A new advert released for fans to go and watch as well as recorded footage from fans of the movie have been posted online, all can be seen below.

First off here is the advert video which promotes the movie:

Text: Naruto’s final story
Lee: Is this the end, Naruto!?
Naruto: It’s gonna get lonely!
Shikamaru: we’ve grown into adults, huh?
Sakura: By the way, when did Hinata become the main female star?
Naruto: Um…! Anyway, everyone, one, two…
All: The Last -Naruto the Movie-
Text: A big hit, leading to a new generation!
Bolt: Dad!
All: Dad!?

Seems like a movie I’ll be waiting for when it gets subbed, on top of this we know that fans have already gone to watch the movie. Here are some of the video footage they obtained, none of these videos belong to me, they aren’t hosted here. The videos below are spoilers of the movie, if you don’t want to watch them, don’t.

If you thought the videos were pretty cool, be sure to tell me using the comment section below. Also be sure to share the page elsewhere, Thank you!

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