Destruction of Face! Grandeeney and Metalicana Appears – Fairy Tail 412

Fairy tail 412 shows the destruction of most of the Face weapons on the land as Grandeeney and Metalicana appear out of nowhere. Igneel shouts at Natsu and Gray to not give up as their powers begin to dim while as more weapons are taken, they begin to regain their powers. Gray and Natsu take Mard Geer down, with only the Book of END left.

Fairy Tail 412 begins as Natsu and Gray both defeat Mard Geer where he stood. It seems that they’ve both defeated Mard Geer, however now what is left is to destroy END. Natsu mentions that he needs to give it to him so he can give it to Igneel, while Gray mentions that he needs to destroy it, they seem to have a little bit of a quarrel here.

A tremor is heard as they hear the Face Weapon going off, it seems that they couldn’t make it in time to destroy any of them. There are a number of lights on the map, it seems that the Face weapons are going off all at once. Makarov seems to have also failed as Lumen Histoire will be useless now.

Everyone’s magic begins to disappear, they’re losing their strength and power. Wendy has a sensation where she senses. Lacrima everywhere is being taken, this will in turn allow for END to revive, Mard mentions. Natsu is pissed off at seeing all of this, out of nowhere Acnologia falls down out of nowhere as he seems to have been knocked down!

Igneel stands on top of him with a few hits as he shouts to everyone not to give up. Blue Pegasus are near to one of the Face weapons, their ship is falling down, out of nowhere they hear the words move aside, they try and move aside when a massive dragon passes by them!

Wendy senses Gradeeney as she has broken the Face weapon. More and more of these Face weapons are being taken down, Gajeel also senses Metalicana as it crushes the Face weapons down, Weisslogia and Skiadrum are also there, they begin to destroy all the Face weapons around Ishgar, which was the name of the land they’re on. Everyone is shocked! Fairy Tail 412 ends here.

A really fantastic chapter, we knew the dragons were coming back, however we didn’t have an idea to how it was going on happen. On top of which Mavis or Lumen Histoire wasn’t used here, I wonder when she’s going to be used, definitely interesting. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 413, titled “The Book of END”.

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  1. rise

    I’m kind of disappointed that it didn’t really show a fight between acnologia and igneel, but overall, it was just badass to show igneel emerge on top

    also, even if it was just for a brief moment, all magic was useless, which means the magic that was sealing END must be broken…..

    END must be one hell of a strong demon since igneel “failed” to kill END and igneel was even able to stop acnologia


    1. Sunite

      I think they’re both equals but somehow Igneel had to win this one, so he had to push himself and beat Acnologia. The battle doesn’t seem over yet. I also think that the magic holding END was broken as you mentioned. Yeah agreed, Igneel is really strong, I wonder how strong END really is. Plus no one is in shape to battle END, Gray or Natsu. That is why END will just show up and kick everyones ass at once then disappear or something.


        1. Sunite

          But how much power can that provide? It’s not like it could keep them going, I see Second Origin as a burst of power for short use, not for them to keep on using. Plus Natsu’s used his Dragon Force on Mard so that’s gone too.


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