Badass Fathers – Isshin, Minato, Dragon, Bardock and Ging

Fathers of some of our favourite characters gives an idea to how they grew up and the previous generation and their power. In this we go ahead to see the protagonists’ father as they also achieve some light, Isshin being Ichigo’s father, Minato with Naruto, Bardock with Goku. Dragon being Luffy’s father and Ging being Gon’s father.

Father of Heroic Sons Gin Freecss Minato Namikaze Bardock Monkey D Dragon Isshin Kurosaki by reshiin

You must have at least seen of these anime’s. Go ahead and tell me what you think about it using the comment section below, also go ahead and check out the artist rishiin as they have some really cool art work which I guess you’ll like. Be sure to also share the page on social networks!

There are 3 comments

  1. Gary

    Isshin in my opinion would be the bad ass of the group. What little screen time he had showed us that there is way more to him then anyone thought. His limited screen time told me that there is tons more underneath what we see. I would have loved to see him and Ichigo doing a whole arc together. They would kick alot of butts together.


    1. Nick Dunn

      I also agree I love Isshin! And I believe these father’s have all passed down there power to they’re sons right? What I like about Isshin is he is not the only parent that passed down his powers to Ichigo. Ichigo Is So Strong. His mother Masaki also passed down her powers to him. So Ichigo has both his father and mothers powers.


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