Naruto Sasuke vs Obito! Kage’s Arrive – Naruto Shippuden 382

Naruto Shippuden 382 shows the feelings of Naruto and Hashirama as they both use Ino’s communicative abilities to determine everyone into fighting bringing their spirits back up. The Kage’s also arrive at such a crucial time that they could be really helpful battling against Obito! 

Naruto Shippuden 382 begins the Kage’s quickly approach noticing the Divine Tree. Katsuyu begins to explain everything to them. We see a number of dead shinobi’s as Naruto cry’s about them. We also see Shikamaru in a weakened state as he seems like he’s about to die.

Shikamaru begins to say sorry to everyone while Sasuke goes to help him. Obito rises above everyone as he mentions that they don’t need to resist as Naruto shows his emotions. Hashirama tries to get everyone’s hopes up but it doesn’t seem to work. Orochimaru and the others arrive.

The Five Kage’s are on their way. Sasuke seems to be pissed off. The Divine Tree seems to be blooming slowly, so Obito decides to speed up by absorbing more chakra. Madara also mentions that he will take over everything in around 15 minutes time.  Ino is called to help as she links everyone together.

The Kage’s are also linked as they’re quite close too, Hashirama tells everyone about the Infinite Tsukuyomi and the Divine Tree. They begin to lose hope and that there isn’t a lot they can do, they must either cut the tree or stop the caster. Everyone is down.

Everyone just stands around doing nothing, however Sasuke appears and cuts the branch telling Naruto if he’s done crying yet. Naruto steps up and charges himself as everyone can feel everyone’s feelings from his child hood to the moment Jiraiya died and such.

Everyone begins to feel his emotions and thoughts, as well as gain some kind of strength from what he’s doing. He begins to gain strength to fight on the front line. He doesn’t wan to regret anything! He steps up when Obito notices that he doesn’t ever stop!

Hashirama also shares some of his feelings during the moment he was at the first shinobi summit when they all met, it shows how they are all now unified and ready to fight as one. While this happens we see Sasuke use Jugo’s Sage Curse power to provide him with his curse power. We also see how Orochimaru wants to see how Sasuke will grow and how his actions will go.

Tobirama also thinks about Sasuke and his power, as well as Naruto and how he reminds him of his brother, Hashirama. They both attack when Obito also fights back. Hashirama also begins to show his past with Madara and everything else, it somewhat unites everyone as he unified all the villages to become one. The Kage’s arrive at this time showing that every is able to work together. They’re all fired up, when Naruto Shippuden 382 ends here.

A brilliant episode with lots of cool stuff, it’ll be nice to see Obito get his butt hurt by Sasuke now, as well as see what happens to Shikamaru in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 383, titled “Pursuing Hope” when we we see Naruto and Sasuke fight, as well as Kakashi. On top of which we’ll see the Kage’s battle.

What do you think?

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