Naruto vs Sasuke! Understand Each Other – Naruto 695

Naruto 695 sees Naruto and Sasuke battling each other with all their strength as we have 5 more chapters left. They use their Susanoo and Kurama Mode to enable and fight each other, they also go on ahead and release their Bijuu Dama and Chidori just like before allowing them to become one and understand each other. We’ll see more talking again. 

Naruto 695 begins with Naruto and Sasuke both clashing and separate, Sasuke uses his Fireball technique which Naruto transforms into his Bijuu Mode and blocks the fire from hitting him. Sasuke appears behind Naruto and tries to strike him with a Chidori however Naruto misses them.

Naruto is then targeted with Sasuke’s Susanoo when Naruto uses his Bijuu Balls, then Sasuke attacks however Naruto blocks with his Kurama Mode. Both of them punch each other in this form as they both seem to be matching each other. We go to the past where both of them seem lonely.

Both of them look at each other as they pass one another and smile. We see both of them fight a while ago as they mention that they both seem to be alone and know nothing about each other. Both Naruto and Sasuke keep on battling each other, as Sasuke had previously mentioned that was was alone and capable of bearing all the hatred.

Sasuke notices and mentions if this is all Naruto has, Sasuke mentions that he will die if he keeps on slacking. Naruto mentions that there is no way he’ll let him kill him, he also mentions that he’s going on ahead with the whole lone wolf act again.

Naruto mentions that he is his only best friend, we see Sasuke’s Susanoo falter after hearing this and begins to create a Chidori. Naruto mentions that he chose this Valley because he knew what it meant to both of them. Both of them get ready with Sasuke’s Chidori and Naruto’s Bijuu Dama.

They attack each other, while Naruto thinks that he’s not going to leave him alone, Sasuke also attacks to which a massive ball is created covering mostly everything. They’re inside this ball just like before, now they can talk to each other as Sasuke mentions that they can both understand each other. Naruto 695 ends here!

A crazy chapter with lots of battling, but now I guess the more talkative part will begin for both of them as they’re inside the ball and can understand each other. I can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 696, it’s going to be awesome!

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  1. Jasper Williams

    Feels like kishi is rushinq thinqs…he should know that the whole series will be judged based on the quality of this battle…since its a lonq awaited battle…


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