Two Death Guns! Kirito’s Plan – Sword Art Online II 11 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 11 aired a few days ago to which Kirito works out that there may in fact be two different Death Gun’s. One acting as the perpetrator in game, while the other is in fact within the person’s house killing them by administering a drug. Sinon is told that she’s the one about to get attacked, and someone could be in her house while she plays.

Sword Art Online II 11 was a dip down from last week’s episode, they just keep on discussing while Sinon freaks out here and there about what she should do. I personally feel the series is derailing a lot at this point. However comparing any good anime, there has to be terrible episodes for there to be good ones.

We see Kirito figure out that there may be two Death Guns, which I actually don’t see myself, I believe that it could just be some kind of coincidence which Kirito is trying to explain to himself why Sterben is doing all these things. By the end of it all we see Kirito and Sinon develop a much deeper relationship with each other, which I guess is good.

However at this point in time, I see the series becoming quickly bad, however this just may be my point of view alone. Asuna and a few others call up the big guy who setup Kirito to go into Gun Gale Online talk to find out whats really going on and what he’s making Kirito do in the game. I’d like to keep this thoughts post short and sweet since the series is quickly becoming less and less appealing. I’ll still keep an eye out for the next Sword Art Online II 12, titled “Phantom Bullet”.


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    I was a huge fan of SOA – the first season anyway. I quit SOA2 after episode 4. It’s so terrible, I have no words to describe it. I actually decided against writing a review / first impressions post on SOA2 because I already know that it’d be filled with many expletives. Sinon has got to be one of the worst female anime characters I’ve ever seen, and yes, this is including Asuna in season 2.


    1. Sunite

      I somewhat share your hate for the second season. I don’t want to bash the series a lot because it just started, however it is looking like a one show pony since the first season had lots of awesomeness and different things while this season seems very dry and spread out and keeps on dragging on. I just don’t want to see the anime which had lots of hope go down like this.


      1. ❤ SUPDARLING

        What’s really sad is that the show had SO much potential, just SO much potential. As a past MMO player, I was drawn to the plot immediately. This is just my own hypothesis, but I think Sinon was created to slowly replace Asuna as the main female due to how much hate Asuna’s character generated. And that’s the other sad thing, I really loved her in the beginning but her character got really wonky. I’m really attracted to strong females and Asuna kind of…well…you know. I still like her though.

        But MAN. Sinon? Remember earlier in SOA2 when she started freaking out, screaming in her room? (It was like “Ahhhh….” for an entire hour) That was all sorts of ridic., I couldn’t handle it anymore. In all honesty, if Sinon wasn’t how she is, I probably would be still watching it right now. :/ I’m gonna keep an eye out on here and see if your opinion of the series changes. If so, I might hop back on.


        1. Sunite

          I feel the same, I haven’t read the light novels for Phantom Bullet. Predicted it to be a good/great season ahead with lots of cool action and new and awesome stuff, but all I’m seeing is stuff from the previous game. And I like Asuna, she’s actually great. However I hate her new avatar.

          With Sinon, she’s weak, she’s the Sakura of SAO. Useless and pathetic. I am beginning to hate her now. She’s slowing the whole series down to a halt to a flop. I just hope that there is a exciting matches and actiony bits ahead.

          And fyi, I would highly suggest watching the series once it has finished. By this I mean that you binge watch the whole of season two because waiting a week, plus seeing how the current episodes are going (they’re dragging). I wouldn’t jump at it atm.


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