Mecha-Naruto Appears! Naruto Runs – Naruto Shippuden 376

Naruto Shippuden 376 brings a filler to the canon action arc as a Mecha Naruto is built by Orochimaru and sent to hunt Naruto in order to gain steal the Nine Tails. Naruto knows he can’t find whilst within the village and decides to evade. Throughout, his friends begin to be taken down and defeated one by one. 

Naruto Shippuden 376 begins as Orochimaru tries to create what we know as a life using the method of electricity from the thunder to give life. The body is ready and lightning strikes it. It comes alive with all the machinery exploding. The being alive hurts Orochimaru while they try to escape.

The Akatsuki find it when Pain brings it to life and into their control. They use it to bring the Nine Tails to them as Itachi is used to lead it. Sasuke looks upon Konoha and Naruto training, he decides not to go and visit as it’s not his time yet. Choji and the others are having meat and eating as much as they can.

We see others training their hardest in order to improve and become stronger. Sakura and Sai go to visit Naruto to which she brings her food pills. Naruto is training with a large number of clones. Yamato and Kakashi are both there making sure that the chakra within Naruto stays in him.

Itachi arrives with the thing and tells him to go and find Naruto. Everyone ready to fight go ahead and fight the man, Naruto is alerted immediately, as others such as Neji are unable to defeat it. Naruto appears and quickly faces it with his clones.

They attack but it doesn’t work, one manages to get the cloak he wears to reveal a Mecha Naruto inside! It’s a robot version of Naruto! Naruto begins to fight however seconds later his chakra begins to get sucked up quickly and Naruto gets tired, Kakashi and Yamato help him get away.

Mecha Naruto looks for him, while Naruto is taken by Kakashi and the others underground. The Mecha Naruto seems to be attacking the whole village until it finds Naruto. It begins its destruction on the village. Naruto is told that he can’t beat it as he is right now.

Tsunade makes a plan for Naruto to get away from the village in order to save the village and fight against it whilst its safely away from the village. They look into it more finding out that it’s a vessel for the Nine Tail.

Naruto is shown a palanquin to which he’s told that he will be taken inside it. Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba and Neji all arrive to help with Naruto’s problem. He’s put inside with Yamato in such a small space. They all go out when Shino also appears with them.

Mecha Naruto appears when Shino mentions that he’ll be fighting him. Yamato gets uneasy from all the movement. Shino deals with the outer casing of the missile however there are smaller ones inside. He’s quickly taken out of commission.

Shikamaru lures him away when he tries to strangle him, however it doesn’t work as he just removes his head and Shikamaru is also  hit and disabled. It begins to head towards Naruto now. Tsunade mentions to contact Gaara for help. Naruto Shippuden 376 ends here.

A good episode for the filler, however we have one more left which is Naruto Shippuden 377, we’ll review that one next. Plus Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 378, when we’ll see the continuation of the battle between Naruto and the Ten Tails Obito.

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      1. Dora Argh

        I was checking out all your posts. I really misa thia series. I have a personal connection with Naruto because I auditioned to be one of the dubbers for this show.

        How many episodes are there now? Man, can’t even remember the last episode I’ve seen.


                1. Sunite

                  Ohhh that’s such a good show, however it’s ending is a little crap. I think they’re going to have a season 2. If you want a suggestion, try Kill La Kill. I told Sup Darling to watch it, she seems to have really liked it.


                    1. Sunite

                      Haha I think that’s how she found my blog, and through her I found you. You’ve got 5 episodes left of Attack on Titan, you could watch them every night or something.


                    2. Dora Argh

                      I know, I know. I don’t know why but I sort of end up re watching old episodes of some show. I’ll have to buckle down and just get it over with.
                      I think Attack on Titan gives me the same effect as Game of Thrones. Haha. Just hearing the opening theme gives ne anxiety.


                    3. Sunite

                      Please tell me you’re a Game of Thrones fan! I just love that show! It’s probably one of my favourite shows, and the latest season…! WOW, so much epic stuff has happened!


                    4. Sunite

                      Hmmmm I think I’d have white hair and part of the Targaryan, Father of Dragons! Wooh! Go Dragons!

                      Don’t get me wrong, Direwolves are great and all, but they can’t fly or breath fire.


                    5. Sunite

                      I won’t have a house, I’ll have a castle! I’ll seat on my throne made of swords. Get a new scratch on my ass every time I sit down. True, Dragons are unstable, that’ll be a problem later on I guess.


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