Mecha-Kurama Appears! Mecha-Naruto Saves Village – Naruto Shippuden 377

Naruto Shippuden 377 see’s the turn of Mecha-Naruto into a hero for the village as he sacrifices himself in order to defeat the Mecha-Kurama that has just appeared. Naruto keeps on getting chased down when he doesn’t give up and mentions for Sasuke’s sake, that is when Itachi’s seal shows on Mecha-Naruto and he begins to help him. 

Naruto Shippuden 377 see’s Naruto and the others running from Mecha-Naruto. He turns into a vehicle to which Choji tries to attack however it misses and is quickly sent into a river bed. He’s finished. Kiba and Akamaru then attack to which they then attack. The palanquin is stopped when Neji is next when attacking.

Neji blocks some of the attacks with his defense however Mecha Naruto just runs on the same direction to which it goes at a very quickly speed to catch-up and quickly beat him. Neji and Yamato are both defeated in the air.

Kakashi begins to run when it’s his turn to attack. Kakashi is quickly defeated after a disappointing challenge from him. Mecha Naruto wants the Nine tails when he gets close and begins to suck it out of him. Naruto begins to get tired when Gaara appears and challenges him.

He quickly stops him using just one hand, however Deidara appears and tempts him to fight when he does and follows him leaving Naruto with no way to fight. Mecha Naruto attacks Naruto when they both appear in Orochimaru’s snake mouth trap. Orochimaru regains control of his creation.

However then Jiraiya appears and mentions that he’s there to help Naruto. He summons his frog to which it expands, however Orochimaru uses the snake to eat the frog and digest it. Jiraiya will come out as poop later on.

Mecha Naruto again attacks, Kurama asks to let him use him so he can help. Naruto keeps on fighting with all his strength and Orochimaru doesn’t understand with the amount of power that has been taken away from him, he can’t afford to die there.

He faces Mecha Naruto when Naruto begins to speak about his past and how he can’t lose right now as he has to bring his friend back. Mecha Naruto understands to which it triggers Mecha Naruto to give Naruto his chakra back as Itachi had previously put a trap  onto Mecha Naruto to help him.

Orochimaru is then betrayed by Mecha Naruto to which he unleashes the Mecha Kurama right in the middle of the Leaf. It begins to destroy everything in the village to which the suit helps Naruto to turn into a robot.

They go to the village together as one, Gaara keeps on hitting Deidara. Naruto tells Sakura to protect a flower while he goes to fight. Mecha Naruto figures out that he can’t injure him, he has to hit him with something more powerful.

He figures out that he has to use Kurama’s chakra in order to created a Bijuu Dama to which the Mecha Naruto creates one and quickly unleashes it upon Mecha Kurama. He dies and so does the robot. Everyone see’s the good he’s done, however Naruto is said to be the hero. Naruto Shippuden 377 ends here.

A good episode, I guess the filler is over here and no more of it will be seen here. Nevertheless, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 378, titled “The Ten Tails Jinchuuriki”, when we’ll see more of the actual series as we see Obito as the Ten Tails Jinchuuriki!


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