Sasuke’s Revolution! Naruto vs Sasuke – Naruto 692

Naruto 692 shows the depart of all the previous Kage’s, while at the same time Sasuke reveals his true plan to execute the Five Kage’s in order to bring forth his Revolution. His plan to create a whole new world where people do not have to suffer questions everyone thoughts as Naruto mentions that he’ll be stopping this, as well as saving the trapped Tailed Beasts. Hagoromo even mentions that now this is their challenge which they must face.

Naruto 692 begins as all the Edo Tensei’s and previous Kage’s begin to disappear and go off. Hiruzen mentions that it is all up to them now. Tobirama also mentions to entrusting it to them. Hashirama mentions that they’re different from Hashirama and Madara and thus their story will end differently.

The Tailed Beasts are also free, some of them talk about going to the water screen cave, the forest and in general their homes. Kurama asks Gyuki where he’s going to which he mentions back with Bee to his place. Kurama doesn’t know where he’s going yet.

Hagoromo mentions that chakra from everyone of them has seeped into Naruto, you could say Naruto is their meeting place. Wherever there is something they want to discuss, they can all meet up within Naruto and use him. Kurama is told to be the person who manages it all. And thus is told that he’ll have to stay with Naruto.

Hagoromo asks if the fight Naruto and Sasuke had brought any changes to their answer, to which Naruto mentions that he hasn’t. He mentions that his fight with her was different, his own mother Kushina was different who was good from the bottom of her heart.

Kaguya on the other hand was something on a different level. Hagoromo mentions that at first her mother was very kind and helped everyone however after consuming the chakra fruit it all changed. Hagoromo mentions that even with all the chakra from all the Tailed Beasts, Naruto will not become like her.

Hagoromo mentions that all that is left is to dispel the Infinite Tsukuyomi, to which he mentions that Naruto who has all the Tailed Beasts chakra and Sasuke who has the Rinnegan can work together in order to release the jutsu.

Hagoromo mentions that it’s not Sasuke’s time to answer the question to which he surprisingly mentions he thinks the same however first he’s going to execute the Five Kage’s that are still inside the Infinite Tsukuyomi!

Everyone is shocked at his words, on top of that he’s going to place all of the Tailed Beasts under his control! He switches his Rinnegan on and in a moment they’re all under his control. Hagoromo mentions that he has no choice but to leave it to him now, he’s reached his limit of being on that world, he will disappear shortly.

Naruto mentions that he may not like it but they’re not going to end up like his kids, Naruto is not Ashura and Sasuke is not Indra. Hagoromo remembers asking Sasuke what he hopes to gain through this fight. Kakashi asked if this is truly Sasuke’s dream, if he truly wants to kill them and get revenge.

Sasuke mentions that it’s true that he desires destruction his goal previously was revenge. Things are not different. Things that were destroyed can always be fixed and rebuilt, villages freed from the clutches and employ of darkness. He wants to reform the entire Shinobi world!

What Sasuke wants from all of this is Revolution! Sasuke uses the Chibaku Tensei to trap all of the Tailed Beasts, to which Naruto promises to help all of the them, they just need to hang on. 9 Balls of moon-like things are created above them.

Sasuke mentions that over the course of this war he has gotten used to his new abilities and Rinnegan, everyone that was in his was is gone, except for Naruto! Hagoromo mentions that entrusting just one of them with the power resulted in Indra and Ashura in the past.

While entrusting both of them with power now brings the same results. Naruto steps forwards to face Sasuke when he exhales. He mentions that this is false, the brothers’ feud will come to an end as he is willing to stop it now! The time has come for Naruto to battle Sasuke! Naruto 692 ends here.

A magnificent chapter, we all saw this coming from a mile away since it seems that the manga is coming to an end. It’s something I’m looking forward to, I’d like to see them really go ahead and battle each other. Although Sasuke seems to have more power, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 693, when we see what happens next.


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  1. dreager1

    I’m glad that Sasuke is actually winning in the poll! It’s time for the Uchiha madness to begin! Bleach is currently in a pretty bad slump for me so I’m glad that Naruto is hitting everything out of the park once again. The Kaguya battle was pretty enjoyable, but this is going to be even better. Without the tailed beasts to help Naruto, it’s safe to say that he’s really outmatched. He’s likely going to have to free them and use the power of the 9 beasts to overpower Sasuke. Of course, he can’t destroy Sasuke or he won’t be able to free his friends. I’m just glad that the big battle is finally upon us! #RootingForSasuke


    1. Sunite

      I personally voted for Sasuke, but it seems the poll has tipped to one side, the other side. Naruto vs Sasuke is finally here. It’s been a tough road ahead but we’re finally here. Can’t wait. I’d like to add on Naruto’s point that a lot of people think that (even myself at one point) Naruto depended on Kurama’s power to defeat the enemy however now, I think he will use his own chakra and power to defeat Sasuke. He is strong and has a lot of techniques and skills like his Sage Mode, his clones and the power of the Uzumaki. It’s going to be the fight of all fights.


      1. dreager1

        It will be good to see Naruto use his own power since Sasuke doesn’t have the curse mark anymore either. It’ll be a true battle of titans and Naruto is definitely immensely strong even without outside help. As you mentioned, he’s got his Sage Mode and his chakra has always been naturally high even without Kurama. I’m definitely expecting a killer fight!


        1. Sunite

          With a killer manga fight comes a killer anime battle, hopefully they don’t screw up. I just hope there isn’t any more rambling left, I don’t want to see flash backs any more. All I want now is just fight that will make Naruto as a series great.


  2. shinobi

    this is wat happens when an uchiha asshole gets power…he thinks of killing people,first was madara now its am afraid kishi made sasuke too powerful even i a naruto fan cnt see naruto pulling it off,bt pretty sure sakura is gonna die here and kakashi is pretty much useless without his sharingan..really i cant see naruto beating sasuke unless he gets a power up from somewhere……..and yes dreager1 bleach currently putting us to sleep i jst hope they bring ichigos fight soon


  3. Haqoromo

    Mehn it startin al over aqain,den it was indra later on madara nw its sasuke….,wel d uchihas are d clan fool of darknes just like tobirama said,riqht nw its awt of hand cause it like naruto nd sasuke
    sasuke wit d ems nd reninqan while naruto witout kurama mehn i dnt fink naruto can face him kishi over powered him aqainst madara nd kaquya.
    So how is he qona face naruto,wel maybe it time for naruto to awaken some cool new chakra


  4. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    well, guess this is what fans wnated , a fighr between sasuke and naruto, just one question, if sauske could perform the chibaku tensei on his own why he needed narutos yin chackra to trap kaguya?

    for awakening the rinnegan didnt you have to have both uchiha and senju powers?
    meaning yin for the senju and yang for the uchiha?

    i knew that sasuke improved through the fights and recieved hogoromos chackra like naruto, but wasnt this an exageration?
    he was able to trap the whole nine beasts including the full kyuby like nothing and we all remeber that nagato who could destroy the village wasnt even able to trap half the kyubi

    it feels like naruto and sasuke have been overpowered to much, although madara was able to capture the nine beasts on his own, but still…

    o well, after the bullshit of obito traveling to the living world with his powers but not being able to travel trough kaguyas dimnensions even with sakuras help i can expect everything


    1. jiraiyan

      I agree that both Naruto and Sasuke have been overpowered towards the end of this series, but if they fight each other I guess it doesn’t matter. Sasuke has always been quick to learn techniques that took other characters months or even years to learn (like the “initial lotus”). I think there have always been inconsistencies’ with the difference between the Rinnegan and Sharingan and why some characters have it but other’s don’t.


      1. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

        its feel little strange though, after seeing these panels of the last chapter didnt expect sasuke to still think that power is the answer

        kishi really likes to twist things when you less expect them, but many times doesnt fit well into the path the story was built on and kind of ruins the manga in certain way, instead of solving the inconsistencies he just add more


      2. Sunite

        Sasuke is OP, that is all I can say atm. There isn’t a lot he can’t do. I’m sure if he wanted, he could become the Ten Tailed Jinchuuriki. What if somehow Naruto does a Goku and asks for everyone’s power to use against Sasuke, if he’s out of chakra.

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  5. Jamo

    Dude don’t forget that u can’t use the rinnegans full powers unless the person awakens it in his own eyes while nagato didn’t awaken it naturally they were madara’s eyes.
    As for rennigan to be awoken u really need Indra and ashra’s chakra or the Sage of six paths chakra if not obito shuld have gotten d rinnegan as proof.


    1. Elyon

      That has already been used up when Naruto and Bee confronted Edo Tensei Itachi and Nagato. Itachi used it to free himself from Kabuto’s control over him.


  6. LEO

    I think this is where we should be expecting the ninshu from naruto of which hagoromo spoke about of one of his son…i think naruto at the moment is more poweredup than sasuke but kishi doesnt want to reveal yet,am eager to see how dat ninshu works.


    1. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

      but since ninshu wasnt created for wars but instead to connect one with the others and spread love, then how is ninshu going to beat ninjutsu in an fight?

      at the end either they will both die as naruto predicted or maybe he will chnage sauskes heart, since if sasuke doenst change neither his sucessors will do, even if they are the new transmigrants and the cycle of hatred of indra and ashura would continue

      still, even if sasuke changesm doesnt mean the rest of the world will, uchiha may have more mental problems than other clans, but the other shinobis arent exactly angels,they also kill if they are hurt, they also abuse power to achieve their goals, etc

      i dont think there is a vast difference between ninshu and ninjustsu, they may be the same thing but applied differently

      for example, you can use a katon not just for burning persons, you can also use it for better purposes


  7. LEO

    even though things appears as if someone is gonna die here,its going to be sasuke,but is going to use the ninshu way to calm sasukes bloodline hatred,i know naruto,he’s actually been waiting for this to happen.


    1. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

      they will either both die as naruto said some time ago, or sasuke will change, if sasuke doesnt change then the history will just repeat


    1. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

      well, there arent any senjus and the previous incarnation of ashura was a senju and naruto is a uzumaki, even if by miracle there are no uchiha left for the transmigration(there should be survivoers scattered somwhere is ot that all the uchiha decided to stay in the village, many other could have gone to other place before the masacre like nagato) , indra can still transmigrate to the closest blood related clan which woudl be a surprise if they were the hyuga

      they can both die and sasuke chnage before dying but both die anyway, or sasuke changes and both survive, or cycle continues


      1. deyeil

        Tsunade is a Senju, she is the First Hokages grandaughter. She’s probably way too old to have kids by now, but it’s possible that there are other people from the Senju clan as well. They didn’t just magically die off after Hashirama kicked the bucket.


  8. LEO

    if Naruto dies,he cant become hokage.cus dats one plot dat has not yet been concluded,so he must endup being an 4 kakashi i dont think he’s going 2 be.for sasuke he’ll endup purnishing naruto,but i like naruto cus hes got a stronger will.


    1. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

      to be honest i dont like any of them, neither sausuke nor naruto, but i also dont like the idea that uchiha are the root of the problem or indra himeself, even if indra doesnt come back the shinobis wont change, darkness is in everyone not just indra and naruto was also tempted. Naruto aint any god to evangelize everyone, and even if he survives and does changes into the world what would be of the world once he is gone?

      i just dont like the idea of ending in sasukes death and everyone thinking that evil will vanish with that, thast why the only path is to change him

      and not necessarily naruto has to survive for the world to chnage, already he has touched the heart of others, and many of his friends can inherit his will and pursue his ideals


  9. Hotep Anthony

    Actually, I think sasuke is right. Things need to change. Sure the war brang everyone together, but for how long? There have been 3 wars prior, and they have all salved nothing. Sasuke should kill them all and reform the shinobi world. But of course naruto is immune to death so Sasuke is at a major disadvantage right now….hears hoping for the best #teamsauce


  10. Jasper Williams

    I saw this coming right from the moment Sasuke refused to reveal his goals …anyway I think Naruto has been expecting this ….this is gonna be epic…#teamNaruto


  11. kyoku

    Well I doubt Naruto will die due to the fact that some how Kishi gave us a huge spoiler that he won’t die I will not say it because maybe some people don’t know about it but I will say 6th of December those who know will get the picture and that means we know who ain’t dying now so I say let them fight an epic battle which we have been waiting for ever since the beginning and another possible ending would be Sasuke winning the match and choosing not to kill Naruto and leave which will leave a door open to continue the series or sasuke changes and is forgiven and he becomes hokage or even indra or ashura intervene and stop the fight


  12. try0309

    I think that this is going to be one epic finish to the series hopeful we the fans get everything that we’ve asked for which is a ending that will not leave our glasses half full but full and satisfied, sad its ending but all good things must come to an end and I hope there be a continuation after shippuden, like sasuke and Naruto’s as adults and their children if they have any.


  13. shinobi

    well id like to remind you guyz of the final valley and how this is just a foreshadow.naruto has to choose btwn protecting the shinobi world and the bijuu over killing his own friend.he cnt let sasuke live as we all know none of the kage or the bijuu will be naruto will have to make the i still think sasuke has too much power i mean all the power of a sharingan+all the power of a rinegan+some special powers of his rinnegan while naruto has some bijuu chakra which help him with some new rasenshuriken which a complete susanoo is able to handle,this is like battling pain and itachi at the same time with none of their weaknesses…i mean even his chibaku tensei dsnt need those balls that madara and pain use as center of gravity.i wonder why he wants to kill the five kage while they slip and yet he can take care of them while they r awake.


  14. ArtGL

    Naruto VS Sasuke!! Finally. The last and most wanted battle. I’ve been waiting for years.
    Oh by the way, Bee isn´t dead? The eight tailed beast was removed from him…


  15. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    there are lots of things that dont make sense, i can accept the chibaku tensei eventhough i dont undesrtand why he needed narutos yin chackra to do it against kaguya and now out of nowhere he can do it himeself

    1.-for example, how can sasuke use susano with one rinnegan eye?
    didnt you need two magekyo for that?
    or since sasuke has a rinnegan plus the 6 tomoe sharingan it equals 2 or 4 mangekyo sharingans(normal mangekyo has 3 tomoes with special pattern and and eternal has 6)?

    second.- why sasuke has only one rinnegan eye?
    when you progress levels normally both eyes change, eventhough obitos other eyes was in kakashis they both progresses at the same time so what the…?

    third.-if Rin was watching obito all the time, then what about the people who dies at his hands like the uchiha?, wouldnt they expecting him to give him a lesson?

    4.-since when black zetsu became so helpless to the point of not being able to merge with the ground and and hide or trave through it?

    5.-black zetsu couldnt handle obito eventhough he was at the versh of death but he could stop madara+rinnegan+sage mode+9 bijus?

    6.-obito could barely open a gate through kaguyas dimensions with sakura in ssj mode but he was able to open a gate through the pure and unpure world just lie that. Is it really that easy?, sounds like bullshit

    7.-even if i were to accept point 6, since when obito became so powerful?
    he couldnt handle naruto kyubi mode and 2 jounins even with the help of 5 jinshurikis and the gedo mazo while madara reidiculed the 5 kages?, the only good thing about obito was his spce time ninjutsu and some other tricks, but as power goes he was far behind madara and even he admitted that one rinnegan was to much for him to handle, so why kakashi coul use the final susano?, he at most should have been able to handle a full susano, but not the big megatron one with legs plyus wings



  16. mabritish

    hey Tsijiari (@megafenix64), u should start your your own YouTube channel andreview the manga, man I would really enjoy watching them. u seem like u are not bias so your comments would be fair to every manga u review.


  17. Jusuki Toshiba

    its rlly difficult to tell but lets all be honest to ourselves we saw ths cumin’ 4rom mile away i mean these r th 2 guyz who were on each other’s throats since th acadamy & as 4 our dear frnd uchiha wat does he hope 2 accomplish by this, well anyway I thnk sum hw he will fail cuz his plan is no different 4rom madara zetsu & kaguya even if he has th rinnegun hvn power hs proven tht is not th solution evry prblm . e.g Orochumaru, Kabuto , and madara and kaguya.

    1 othr thng remember wat itachi said to naruto tht he leaving sasuke to him and he also told sasuke tht he not goin 2 b th 1 2 change him cuz he tried doin evrythn alone and he failed, myb thts wat he meant.


  18. shinobi

    well i think he jst doesnt understand the manga well.the questions he is asking r a result of him nt reading the manga to understand what its all about.yes sasuke can perfom chibaku tensei bt he dsnt have the chakra levels to reach the size of the moon thats where naruto comes in,on obito once again ive told u that the dead have unlimited chakra thats y the edo tensei dnt run out of chakra and thats y obito was able 2 travel btwn the worlds,in the rin issue its pretty obvious the gal welkams him after all he did for luv,he had surely proved it.on the question of sasuke using susanoo id like to point out that even edo madara used susanoo while having the rinegan which goes to show that the rinnegan comes after the sharingan hence the user does nt loose his initial sharingan abilities.and abt black zetsu he cldnt move bcoz he was pinned down by chakra rods which clearly shows u probrably dnt know wat they do and even if he merged where the heck wld he go as they were in a different dimension.and he ddnt take over madara he jst paralysed him with a special kunai that had kaguyas essence which was already in the gedo statue to begin Tsijiari i think u dnt rilly read the manga or u r jst a fan of another manga n dnt get why ppl luv this manga i was lyk u once with fairy tail bt now i understand it a bit.stop critising everything u dnt understand esp the kakashis susanoo part u really av a problem with that,obito luved kakashi too thats y he was able to kam back from the dead to help him,its jst lyk how jiraiya came back from the dead to write on Fukusakus back,or how minato and kushina were in Narutos conciousness its jst the same.obito is the only shinobi to be killed by kaguya and he wierd technique hence it cnt b possible to predict what happens to them.


    1. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

      no problem, i undestand about the chackra roads, ad for the rest still makes no sense with what the manga was build upon from the beggining, the dead cannot return just like that and obviously if a being has trouble controlling a person in a weak state and also at the versh of death then obviously it shouldnt be able to controll a person in his prime and also having the power of the sage of 6 paths


  19. anakin

    Personally I think, after naruto and sasuke clash, they will both somehow change. Naruto will belive that the hokage system is primitive and leads only to war so I guess he will change the system. As for sasuke, I think he will survive but not get back to konoha. He will go into hiding, and who knows might still have this great desire for revolution..but as an antagonist. Which, gives as a whole new brand of naruto shippuden 3 I guess..both grown up


  20. mabritish

    lol u make a good point. well I don’t no much abt naruto, so I wont conment except to say that I’m looking forward to see how will naruto beat sasuke.


  21. forspark

    I tink the point of these chapter just comfirms dat all of narutos powers were external unlike sasuke who’s power was frm birth and his different sharingan xo now let’s see if kishi will reveal narutos birth power since he I’d ashura cause naruto is in a very tight wall now


      1. grayfullbuster622

        What i personally think guys is most likely if its possible naruto could facedesk sasukes head into the uchiha stone and give him a sense of wake the **** up lol if by any chance i believe sasuke willl die here but i’m just blabbing about on my theories.

        Another idea is they might both die and the leaf village continues on as it is though idk who sakura will make her personal handyboy Maybe rock lee 😮 lol…..ive never liked her anyway but this is a crucial time sasuke just backstabbed everyone i mean and naruto didnt even see that coming lol ?!?!?!??!? what!?!?!?!?!? cmon it was so obvious from the beginning sasuke was throwing alot of pointers ………He would never….ever…..and i mean ever…….be well suited as hokage and *idk what he means by his own revolution but what eves lets just hope naruto will finally bash that face in well good *that prettyboy face of his*


  22. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    I wonder how exactly sasuke wnats to cnage things?
    dont believe he wants to control everyone with the infinite tsukuyomi, there would have been no point in stopping madara if he believed that was the right way. He wants to be the absolute hokage of all countries?

    mm, maybe but that would be to much power, even someone as naruto would be later be seen as an oppressor if he had that much power

    obviously the current system doesnt work, and the previous 4 shinobi wars are proof of that.

    This kind of reminds me of the new xmen movie in which they tell us that in all human history the human race has fought against itself, but now they have a common struggle, extiction(fighting the mutants so that the humans can still exist); in naruto everone fought a common enemy

    I wonder what naruto plans to do?
    even if his intentions are good is impossible to mantain peace as humans all share a common weakness.


    1. Nick Dunn

      That’s usually what happens with someone like Sasuke. He feels that changing the world is to control it. Usually very evil or really messed up people to want to do that. If Sasuke can’t change his mind and views, Naruto will probably have to kill him.


      1. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

        probably, but then he would just resurrect in other one, since ahuras previous host was a senju and now is uzumaki, guess that sasuke would be a hyuga

        and above all that, would mean that everyone that attempts to acquire power would be also killes, and there are many candidates besides sasuke


  23. shinobi

    the shinobi alliance is the answer.with it the village system will be dissolved.with it there can b no war since all the shinobi will b sasuke probably wnts to get rid of the kage since they r the strongest hence no one wld stand in his way.


  24. grayfullbuster622

    All of your theories come close still idk what he means by revolution we sill dont know what he meant also after all the intervention with the sage of the sixth paths and the confrontation with hashirama also when hashirama and madara faded *couldnt get it in sasuke’s thick headed skull that maybe…..just maybe he wasnt listening very clearly

    I Hope naruto can beat him till his whole body is incapacitated for him to really think *being evil isnt so great anymore* Sasuke has always been evil from the start his actions just justify how much he cant be trusted i mean sie even asked the question can sakura really trust sasuke can any of them trust his words.

    If they’re thinking of making Another naruto series this time when they’re all grown up i dont think it’ll happen Most likely we’re nearing the end of naruto.


  25. Dezm>nd

    Well…i think its gonna be a draw just like d last time dey fought. They would both end up on d ground nd maybe sasuke leaves d scene injured. Whatever d case mayb neither of dem shuould end up dead


  26. Uzumaki

    I would love sasuke to defeat naruto and when he is about to deliver the final blow let kakasi stop him while sakura finally confess her love for naruto leading to a kiss,therefore awaken naruto inner power.


    1. Sunite

      Haha very optimistic, it would be awesome to see Sakura finally spill the beans on how she wants Sasuke to come back to them. I’m sure all the stuff that we saw over the series about them three will be mentioned one way or another.


  27. grayfullbuster622

    Lets just hope sasuke doesnt have the better hand in this fight -_- ….*sigh* also did killer bee lose his eight tails powers?if he did then howcome he didnt die haha i never read the part where killer bee loses his powers.


    1. Sunite

      Hmm I think if I remember correctly, Eight Tail’s power was brought from the tail that was cut off and Tobi obtained a long time ago. So Bee is still carrying Gyuki in himself however is in the Infinite Tsukuyomi trapped somewhere.


  28. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    this kaguya arc was really shitty in many aspects
    kaguya was strong but lack lots of skill in battle, is incredible that she couldnt tell the difference between a clone and the original with sharinnegan byakugan combo while madara could tell with just mangekyo eyes

    also the backstory of black zetsu makes no sense, specially the part where he claims that he chnaged the text on the uchiha tablet left by hogoromo; since when black zetsu had rinnegan or mangekyo eyes to tell what was writeen on the uchiha tablet and even better how did he knew what he was erasing and writing on the tablet?

    o well, after seeing that black zetsu wasnt able to controll a weakend obito who just got ripped from all the tailed beasts, performed rinne tensei which left him with almost no chackra or life energy left and also lost the mazo; and somehow he was able to controll a super powerfull shinobi like madara boosted with hashirama cells+rinnegan+9 bijus+sage mode maybe i should have expected that incoherency comming

    also, one of the must dissapointing parts is that the 9 bjus seemed to have increased madaras pysical strenght but at the cost of all his great abilities like susano, chackra absorbtion, wind techniques like the fan reversing jutsu, mokuton, genjutsu, etc.

    this manga seriously has to many holes, so jubi madara cannot restore another eye to have 2 rinnegans again but he is able to resore half his body after being cut in two?, and when we talk about the lower body we also include nto the mix the organs like the one that lets you fart an the one you use to piss

    i still wonder why sasuke has only one rinnegan and not two?
    when the uchiha eyes progress normally both do so at the same time, eventhough obitos other eye was in kakshis body they somehow were connected and both progressed to mangekyo at the same time, so why sasukes left eye was the only one that progressed into rinnegan and not the other?
    this kind of seems like an asspull from kishi so that the fight between naruto and sauske gets more interesting and both can have a room of development somehow

    naruto able to draw the other bijus chackra somehow even if they are far away and sauske developing other rinnegan eye during the battle. Not sure if thats how will kishi make things, but seems likely


  29. shinobi

    Tsijiari i think u have issues with the manga coz i find holes in it where there r none.and on this last fight i think sasuke is goin to kill either kakashi or sakura which will make naruto resolve to kill him as he will now understand that sasuke will nt hesitate to kill all his friends.lastly can naruhina ever really happen as ive jst remembered that hinata is a hyuga royal and has to marry within her clan to maintain the pure blood of the main family interms of the byakugan abilities.and lastly if sasuke dies can indra be reincarmated again as a hyuga since indras reincarnations r strictly uchiha?since the hyuga and uchiha cnt be same descendants of hagoromo.hence i think naruto and sasuke r the last rencarnations.


      1. shinobi

        u r still reasoning that the sharingan and byakugan r related which isnt the case here.the sharingan developed from the rinnegan and indra was the fast uchiha hence there is no way his reincarnation could appear in a hyuga.lastly the senju and the uzumaki r related by blood ,while the uchiha and hyuga have never intermarried in history and the hyuga have different descendants i.e hagoromos bro.unless sasuke hooksup with hinata no way indra will be reincarnated in a hyuga.also the reincarnations appear in the strongest individuals of that time each surpassing the other,currently naruto is the strongest uzumaki/senju that ever lived same to sasuke unless ur hyuga reincarnation bkams more powerful than sasuke i dnt see that happening,hence i insist these two r the last reincarnations.


  30. hakim

    We dont know what the future holds for sasuke but for the ppl hoping that sasuke WINS…cmon ppl
    Thats jus crazy the show is called naruto


  31. hakim

    And honestly I agree that the kaguya arc was bullshit. For her to be the goddess of everything and to be just flat out SCRUBBED in every aspect of the fight, I think kishi shoulda just left her out and gotten str8 to the real fight
    Btw I kno kakashi upset he cant do shit now lol


  32. shinobi

    welli dnt think kaguya shuld kniw how to fight since ninjustu was basically created after she was sealed.i dnt think hagoromo himself could beat the two.also she was holding back saving her chakra for something.


  33. shinobi

    well i dnt think kaguya shuld know how to fight since ninjustu was basically created after she was sealed.also during her time she and her sons were the only ones who possed chakra hence how the heck was she to know how to fight like a shinobi.also her powers were largely godlike displays meant to scare people and kill them on the spot and doesnt require her to move alot while naruto and sasuke used justu which was more if a combative type meant to fight others.i dnt think hagoromo himself could beat the two.also she was holding back saving her chakra for something.


  34. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    well, just like the relation between senju and uzumaki was stated, kakshi alreeady stated that hyuga and uchiha are related and makes sense since the grandmother of indra had both byakugan and sharingan

    sure they do not share to many similarities, must likely they are distant relative just like senju and uzumaki were, so if ashura can transmigrate from a senju to a disntant relative like uzumaki, why wouldnt indra do the same if there were no uchiha to choose as a host?

    talking about senju clan, since they are related to uzumaki wouldnt they share almost same longevity?
    if so how did hashorama died so young?
    was he killed?, but how a super fucking shinobi god could have been killed?


  35. mimi

    well… wat i think is dat sasuke will beat d hell out of naruto but out of nowhere naruto would have boost and win d fight but he wouldnt kill sasuke maybe. mehn naruto will really receive it from sasuke d one man army.


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