My Deepest Secret – Sword Art Online II 10 (Thoughts)

Sword Art Online II episode 10 has aired bringing us the emotions both Kirito and Sinon have in conjunction with their deepest secret. Sinon having the inability to handle firing a gun while Kirito and his secret of when he killed two people. During this episode, they escape from Death Gun’s grasp when they arrive within a cave, they both talk revealing their pasts and their next action. 

Sword Art Online II episode 10 was pretty great, both Sinon and Kirito have been talking to each other about their life and secrets within the game. Sinon had a hard time when she couldn’t shoot Death Gun when she had a chance. I guess the show is pushing the fact that Sinon and Kirito are both messed up at this point in time.

The way the show is currently going is something I’d keep an eye on, it’s not really showing the fights, but the aftermath of Sword Art Online, the game. I guess with what happened in the original season 1, you have to go back to what we didn’t know about the show.

However it seems to be getting a little cumbersome. We also seem to have figured out that Sterben is the man behind the mask as he’s the only one left alive from the list that Sinon had mentioned below, they just haven’t figured it out. I keep on waiting for more to happen from the series, I’m yet to be blow away. Nevertheless, can’t wait for the next Sword Art Online II episode 11, titled “The Meaning of Strength”.


What do you think?

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