Acnologia Approaches! Igneel’s Move – Fairy Tail 399

Fairy Tail 399 shows Acnologia approaching where everyone can hear it’s roar, Igneel is seen to have noticed and seen to think about making a move and appearing. Natsu and everyone else, including Mard Geer notice the arrival and approach of Acnologia, unknowing to what it’s intentions are they can do nothing.

Fairy Tail 399 begins as Erza attacks Kyouka in an attempt to prevent at least some Face weapons from going off. Somehow it seems that there are 32 minutes until face can activate when it was mentioned that it has activated. Erza and Kyouka battle it out hitting each other when Erza gets a good blow on Kyouka.

We see what had happened with Lisanna and Elfman as they were also faced with a number of replicated versions of Lamy as they attack them. Out of nowhere they hear a voice come out. Everyone notices what is going on.

Doranbolt manages to transport Wendy and Carla to the place where they had managed to defeat the cube. Out of nowhere, they Wendy collapses and doesn’t seem to know whats going on at that point, Doranbolt hears a sound.

Juvia asks where Gray might be, Gajeel manages to get some blood from Tempesta to help hear Laxus and the others. Natsu is seen on the side looking down, Gajeel thinks it’s him just sulking. However, Natsu mentions if he can hear a voice. He asks if he can hear this voice.

Mard Geer, Sting and Rogue both also hear the voice, Mard mentions that this is something unexpected for him, he did not expect for it to show up. Everyone begins to notice the voice. Something approaches from far away.

Everyone notices it’s approach, Mard guesses if it’s coming to seek this giant demon, or did it come following after Zeref. Natsu shouts mentioning that there is no mistaking it. The voice he hears is Acnologia’s!

We see a big Acnologia stand above the whole thing where it begins to get closer. It’s huge body covers them. While at the same time, we see Igneel mention that the time has most likely come to act. It seems that he will finally make his move! Fairy Tail 399 ends here.

A great and awesome chapter, Igneel will most likely make a move in order to appear and show his true form and possibly even go ahead and fight Acnologia if he can. Nevertheless, It’s going to be an awesome Fairy Tail 400 chapter, titled “Wings of Hope” as we’ll get some colour pages too.


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  1. grayfullbuster622

    lol i wanna see igneel fight acnologia also to natsu finally gets to meeeeeeeet his daaaaaaaaddy……..-.- give me a break rofl and then natsu takes the spotlight once again as the hero who saved the world yay *sarcasm* i think natsu is okay a little bit if i had a choice who should die in FT natsu or elfman i pick *elfman* lol…………that useless piece of trash


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