Gray defeats Tempesta! Erza vs Kyouka – Fairy Tail 398

Fairy Tail 398 see’s the arrival of Gray when he saves Gajeel and defeats Tempesta using his Demon Slayer magic to freeze him up while Erza faces Kyouka who has absorbed Sayla’s Soul. Gajeel is truly flabbergasted by the actions of Gray as he takes him out in just a few hits, without even using his true powers. 

Fairy Tail 398 see’s the defeat of Torafusa by Gajeel however he collapses and when Torafusa arrives behind him and goes to attack him when Gray appears and tries to attack him. Gray asks if he’s the one that messed with Laxus. He mentions if they can get a blood sample from him, then they can make an antidote.

Gray tells Gajeel if he can get this antidote to Porlyusica. Gajeel tells him to defeat him first. Gray enables his Demon Slayer magic on his arm and freezes up all of Tempesta’s storms that he’s created. Then brings out a snow sword to which he uses on Tempesta, his Long Sword of Ice The Ice Demon Zero!

Gray mentions that he’s going to crush Tartarus. Elsewhere we see Erza reach the control panel when the Former Chairman is working, they try to stop him when Erza’s body is controlled as they all try to strangle each other. Sayla and Kyouka approach them mentioning that she is controlling the corpse of the Chairman even if it’s not as skillful  as Keith.

Kyouka reminds Erza of the times she was in the interrogation room, to which she mentions that she’d like to pick up where she left off. However Mirajane approaches and quickly tackles and smacks Sayla, turning off her powers. Mirajane is also very hurt after using all her energy. Sayla tells Kyouka that she has used up all of her curse power. Sayla mentions that Operation Face is not finished when Kyouka tells her that the chairman finished his work.

The 3000 Faces will activate in a matter of seconds. Sayla mentions that she is the last of the Demon Gates, she wants to return to the feet of Lord Zeref. Sayla’s soul is being absorbed, her powers too. Erza mentions that they will have to stop Face no matter what, they ask Erza to defeat Kyouka, while Sayla tells Kyouka to win. Erza mentions she will stop Face, while Kyouka will obliterate their enemy for the sake of Zeref! Fairy Tail 398 ends here.

A great and fantastic chapter, it seems that it’s getting better and better! The battle seems to just be starting as Erza who is really hurt will fight once more in order to defeat the enemy with all her power. Can’t wait for the next Fairy Tail 399, titled “The Wings of Hope” to see the action continue.


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  1. Polaris

    Just a correction, it was Mirajane who tackled Sayla using the last ounce of her power thus Satan Soul was deactivated right away and we saw her lying in the floor right after her attack on Sayla 🙂

    Anyway nice review! Can’t wait for Erza vs Kyouka!


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