Happy Birthday Naruto! Everyone’s Goodbye – Naruto 691

Naruto 691 see’s the end of the war as Hagoromo mentions that he will be sending all the Kage’s and Edo Tensei’s back to their peace, while Naruto tells Minato to tell Kushina that he’s fine. He also hears from Minato Happy Birthday as he’s one year older. Kakashi remembers his moment with Obito too.

Naruto 691 begins as Sakura and Kakashi both realise that who they’re talking to is the Sage of Six Paths. He introduces himself when the previous Kage’s begin to realise that things did turn out okay for them, and now a lot has changed from their own times.

We see Hagoromo tell Kakashi that he has successfully sealed away Kaguya when Kakashi mentions that he was powerless most of those times. Kakashi mentions that Obito gave him some strength which allowed him to do what he did. Kakashi is told that even if he was lost, he had continued to guide Naruto and the others as well as continued to be Obito’s friend.

If he hadn’t, his plan would have not worked. Naruto shouts at Kurama saying hi and mentions if he was lonely all by himself. Kurama flips Naruto off telling him not to shout all these sentimental stuff and half of him was in him all this time. Hagoromo mentions that it seems Kurama is getting flustered and embarrassed, something he had imagined.

He goes on to mention that even the Tailed Beasts would, of their own will, cooperate with them because of someone like him. Kakashi mentions that Obito’s return was also due to Naruto. Hagoromo mentions that he’ll be sure to ask Obito about it all. We see previously that Obito and Kakashi were talking when he gave him his power.

He mentions that he’ll be going now, he mentions that he screwed up in the world, and he doesn’t even know what to do when Kakashi mentions that he can now part with him as a friend and not a enemy. Obito thanks Kakashi for what he’s said. He mentions that he’ll be going now with Rin. Kakashi had thanked Obito for the power and strength he gave him.

Kakashi nearly collapses, he’s eyes return to normal. Sasuke notices Madara when he nearly goes to him, however Hagoromo stops him as Hashirama goes to talk to him. Sasuke and Naruto are told that their predecessors are taking their final breaths, it would be wise for them to listen.

Madara mentions that their dreams are never always easy to reach, Hashirama mentions that it will never be an easy task, they can only do so much while they live. That is why they would need to trust the rest to do everything else for them. Madara mentions that he’s soft as ever.

Madara mentions that he’s always been a glass half full type of idiot. Madara realises that this could have been the correct way after all. His dream is no more, but his dream lives on. Hashirama mentions that he’s always been rushing things, he should have come in turns with the fact that there are things he can’t control.

He forgot to raise his own children properly to which he could entrust things to. This would have been beyond his capabilities. He always hated having people following behind him. Hashirama mentions that when they were young, he mentioned that they would not know when they’d die, they would share this with each other as brothers.

Now they’re dying, all they can do is share a drink as comrades. Madara looks on as he breathes his final breath, as comrades he mentions. He seems to agree to have a drink with him after all this time. He doesn’t end his next sentence. Madara dies when Hagoromo mentions that he’ll be sending all the Kage’s and Edo Tensei’s back.

Naruto realises and goes to Minato when he mentions he mentions that he’ promised himself to tell him as the sun rises. Happy Birthday! Minato tells him that Naruto has become really amazing. Minato mentions that they exist on different planes and thus cannot stay there forever. He mentions to tell Kushina everything.

Naruto realises and begins to tell him that he’s eating well and everything’s okay, he’s not picky and just eats whats on his plate. He mentions that he likes ramen, he also takes a bath nearly everyday and visits the hot spring from time to time.

Naruto mentions that he’s made a bunch of friends, even if he’s grades are crap, he doesn’t get depressed over them. It could just be because he’s oozing with so much confidence. Plus he’s listened to Kakashi and the Third because he respects them.

Also about the Three Ninja Taboo’s, he’s learned a lot when he was with Jiraiya, he sucked at avoiding them, but he still respects him more than any ninja. Today he turned 17 and so I don’t really know anything about women or booze, however Kushina had told him to find a woman like her.

Naruto begins to mentions that he hasn’t done everything she’s asked him to do but he’s really been trying hard. He has dreams and stuff too, I’m going to become a Hokage just like him. Minato begins to disappear when Naruto begins to cry and tells him to tell Kushina and for her not to worry about him. Minato hears all he said and will tell her everything! Naruto 691 ends here.

A great and fantastic chapter with lots of cool and amazing emotional bits. Naruto’s farewell was truly awesome, it brought a few tears. Naruto seems to be at the end of its series however I hope there are a few other things here and there we could see. However still I can’t wait for the next Naruto 692!


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  1. sasori

    you should’ve let sasuke atleast chidori madara one time before he dies and say i’m sorry he was a criminal he took lots of enoccent souls by his actions but its gud to see madara realises that he was wrong and he was that type of idiot


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