Gray’s Death! Fairy Tail’s Demise – Fairy Tail 196

Fairy Tail 196 brings an end to Gray’s Life as he is killed by the mini-monsters spawned in by Mother Glare, Fairy Tail begins to lose its grips on the whole situation when most of the members are hurt badly that they aren’t able to move. Gray’s Death in general creates a dimension where Fairy Tail members can finally die, it being protagonists or just normal members.

Fairy Tail 196 begins Erza tells an angry Millianna that it wasn’t Jellal’s fault and that she has forgiven him. Millianna is pissed off for doing whatever he did at that time however Ultear appears to mention that Millianna’s grudge is misplaced since it was Ultear who was controlling Jellal from the inside.

She had led him to do everything he did, he was being controlled all this time because of her. Ultear then mentions that she doesn’t seem to have changed from her corrupt heart. She mentions that they need to go and defeat all the mini-dragons. Ultear mentions if she wants revenge, survive and come to get her when she’s strong.

We see Kagura in the background listening as she nearly attacks. We see after a while the pain Ultear is going through since she collapses from just that pain, she is unable to tell what is happening. Rogue is still down when Sting appears with his dragon behind him.

They both laugh when they decide to work together as the Twin Dragons to kill the dragons in front of them. Rogue decides that if Sting is with him, everything will be okay. If he steps out of line, the light will kill him.

Gray and the others are fighting back with Lyon at their side too. They can’t get through. Macao and the others are trying to beat their mini-dragons when they talk a little. They gain a little hope when the minions keep on attacking them from all angles. They’re hit badly and can’t do a lot.

Cobra faces his Dragon when he punches and unleashes his power. It hurts him but doesn’t do a lot of damage. Natsu and Future Rogue keep on using their dragons to bash each other. Ultear keeps on walking alone when she realises that she was about to kill someone innocent, she was about to kill someone who didn’t do anything wrong, she mentions that she hasn’t changed at all.

Lucy keeps on going when she’s also hit by the minion dragons. She is surrounded by them  when Flare helps her out. Laxus keeps on hitting his dragon but can’t do a lot with the magic he has. His lightning is repelled. Jellal and Erza keep on fighting as a couple.

Droy and Jet seem to be in trouble as the dragons minions seem to be heading for them too. Lucy keeps on going to find everyone to tell whats in the book. Happy keeps on flying until he finds Romeo and the others. Elfman keeps on fighting hard with others. Kinana and Levy keep on watch. Gajeel is also fighting hard but can’t do a lot of damage.

Natsu and Atlas Flame are having trouble too. Happy finds Romeo and the others as they’re in need of great help. Happy mentions that he’s going to get help when they stop him, they mention that they’re fine and that they’re Fairy Tail wizards. He is told to get going.

Gray and the others are facing trouble. Melody talks to Juvia when Gray pushes them back, the attack misses. Gray mentions that he’d like to tell her something. An attack comes for Juvia when Gray pushes her and it hits Gray in the heart. Even more attacks come to which it pierces Gray’s body. The last attack hits Gray’s skull! Gray is Dead! We see some last words from Ultear as she mentions that she doesn’t deserve to live. Fairy Tail 196 ends here.

A great chapter and I definitely didn’t see Gray’s death coming, it seem as though something could happen because Gray cannot die like this. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 197, titled “Life Time”, when we see what happens to Gray and what Ultear does next.


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