Naruto Cuts Kaguya! Rin’s Always Watching – Naruto 687

Naruto 687 see’s the end of Obito’s life as we learn about him as he wishes for Naruto to become Hokage, to which he knows. On top of which Obito passes on to find Rin waiting for him as she mentions that she has always been watching. Naruto in anger begins to mention that he thought of Obito as awesome and then quickly jumps into action cutting Kaguya’s left hand right off! 

Naruto 687  begins as Obito’s body begins to crumble after being hit by Kaguya’s bone. Kakashi asks why, to which Obito mentions that his strength is still required there. Kaguya’s strength also begins to crumble as Zetsu mentions to move onto the Genesis Dimension so she can regenerate quickly there.

Obito tells Kakashi to become more focused on the enemy. Obito thinks that for all three of them this is an important time for all of them. Kakashi also mentions for him to become the support for the new era, it’s still too soon for him to dying.

Naruto notices the crumbling to which he then quickly acts by placing his hand on Obito to stop it, however Zetsu tells him that it won’t work. Naruto begins to use his chakra to which Obito just tells him to stop using his chakra. Zetsu asks why he’s trying to help him to which he mentions that he was his past enemy. He calls him a scum for doing what he did.

He even calls him something who is alone, he has nothing left. Losing the person most precious to him and never achieving his dream. Zetsu keeps on calling him an ignorant fool. Obito mentions that he supposes that he’s correct, for a sinner like him it’s seems like an appropriate end.

Sasuke’s powers have returned to which he quickly uses them to get close to Kaguya and use his Chidori. He gets close to attack to which Kaguya changes the dimension as well as fly’s up at a very quick speed. Sasuke gets ready as he enables his Susanoo mentioning that he cannot help Obito any longer.

Sasuke tells Naruto that he’ll be the diversion, he’ll go ahead first. Naruto can’t seem to be doing a lot about his condition. Obito begins to say his last words mentioning that fighting together with him felt like something woke up in him. When he looks at Naruto, he can see his old self. He feels more than happy at this point.

Obito begins to mentions that long ago he used to imagine and get all the feelings of becoming a Hokage. Being surrounded by friends and comrades with him as Hokage. It may be too late now but just imagining all that feels like the hole in his heart is starting to fill up.

We see the same moment we saw with Rin helping Obito when they were young as she mentions that she will always be watching him as he does with his life. Obito mentions that from now on he’ll have more pain and tragedy to face however with his unchanging Ninja way, he will see it through.

Obito remembered and repeated Naruto’s words and his ninja way to which we see Obito’s body begin to crumble into multiple pieces. To which he tells Naruto that he knows that he will become Hokage! Obito’s body begins to crumble and there is nothing more Naruto can do as he looks at Naruto with teared up eyes saying yes.

Obito fully crumbles into lots of pieces to which we see Kaguya and Sasuke going at it as they hit each other. Zetsu mentions that Obito has finally died, though he’s never seen someone like him hold on for such a long time like that before. Naruto gets pissed off telling him not to laugh.

Zetsu mentions if he goes on to defy them any longer, he’ll also turn into a crumbling ashes too. Naruto mentions that Obito tried to become Hokage, to him he can’t see anything else but awesome to which Naruto then steps up and cuts Kaguya’s left hand with all his anger and power.

We then see Obito wake up in his small form as he’s with Rin. He mentions that he’s sorry for keeping her waiting, he got lost all over the place. Rin mentions that a lot has happened, Obito mentions that he made him a promise to which Rin mentions that he tried his best. Rin mentions that she’s always been watching him, she grabs his hand and both pass on together. Naruto 687 ends here.

A magnificent and very good end to Obito’s life as he passes on with Rin. Plus Naruto with all his anger will most likely trash Kaguya and break her apart with his anger. Since Kaguya’s hand has been cut, how will she work now, will she somehow stick it back or fight one handed, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 688, when we continue with the story.

There are 3 comments

  1. Jasper Williams

    Another uchiha is qone….didnt quite expect any action in this chapter…i thouqht it was qonna be a talk-talk chapter all throuqh…still disappointed that kakashi didnt qet back the sharinqan….


  2. Jasper Williams

    That guy’s attitude keeps pissinq me off…still don’t know why the rikudou decided 2 share his powers with sasuke…didn’t even thank obito and sakura 4 brinqinq him back…if not 4 obito and sakura daht he didnt want 2 protect durinq the tsukiyomi time…he would still be in daht desert dimension by now….i just hate that quy more than i hate sakura….


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