Obito’s Death! Sasuke Is Back – Naruto 686

Naruto 686 shows the retrieval of Sasuke to the current dimension as well as Obito’s Death as he saves both Kakashi and the others in a feet to go to spend some time with Rin. Kaguya launches her bones to which Obito uses Kamui on the one heading to Kakashi and takes the next as he crumbles telling Kakashi to live on. 

Naruto 686 begins with the Hokage’s discussing with Hagoromo as he has a plan to stop Kaguya from taking over everyone. He mentions that Naruto and Sasuke are the very core of this fight. Hagoromo mentions that he will form the seal himself which requires a large amount of chakra which he’s given to Naruto and Sasuke. Thus they need to do something else for the time being.

We see Kaguya go from clone to clone destroying them, she notices one with the Dark balls to which she also notices that other clones are protecting it, more clones get in the middle to which she gets ready and sticks more and more of these bones onto the clones. Many of these clones disappear.

Kakashi watches from the ground as he’s unable to do anything, he just watches. However as he thinks about his past and his current group he hears Naruto mention that he’s not going to lose, a few seconds later we see Sasuke, Sakura and Obito show up.

Naruto looks over however he’s quickly captured to which one of Kaguya’s bones pierces Naruto and he begins to lose control as he begins to degrade. Kaguya tells him not to worry any more. However seconds later this clone explodes and tricks for them as the Gudou Dama were just floating on a clone.

The real Naruto thanks Sasuke and Obito as the real Gudou Dama run to him. Kakashi mentions that ever since Naruto was a kid, he’s always been clever. Zetsu tells Kaguya that it’s not time to unleash the next phase as there is no point of holding back on using chakra.

The world changes to one that has little small spikes to which some of the clones falls down and disappear, on top of which their body feels heavy as the gravity is higher. It also seems to be affecting Kaguya, however she shoots her bones to which they escape.

However the next ones are on target to which both Kakashi and Obito head towards the point of where they can help. They run there, to which they both receive the same help as Rin appears in their mind helping them both getting there.

Kakashi and Obito are both within the hit point of the bones. However Obito generously uses Kamui on the bone bringing it with him, however the one hitting him makes contact and thus it seems to Obito has done it again, as he’s save everyone again. Obito tells Kakashi to stay there and don’t come after them. Naruto 686 ends here.

A magnificent chapter, Obito and Kakashi seems to have resolved a few things here and there and are on the same page. He also wanted to die nobly, to which it seems he has. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 687, when we continue and see Obito’s last few words, as well as Kaguya’s wrath.

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  1. dreager1

    Well, I really can’t excuse the fact that Kakashi and Obito could get up while Sasuke and Naruto couldn’t…personally I thought that was bad writing. Kishimoto had to get Obito out of the way somehow, but he could have done a better job of it.

    Besides that, it was a good chapter. I’m glad that Sasuke is finally back and maybe Kakashi will get to help in the end…maybe


    1. jiraiyan

      I agree that Obito and Kakashi ability to move was a major over-site by Kishimoto. Especially considering that even Kaguya couldn’t move and she clearly stronger than those two.


  2. Jasper Williams

    Ya…everyone noticed it…buh lets not forget that they recieved a little help from the invincible rin….we all knew obito was gonna die at some point…and kishi didnt want 2 trigger the sakura haterz so he made obito die protecting sasuke instead of sakura like most fans predicted

    But i must say that ever since i started watching naruto…av never seen kakashi run out of ideas and become helpless…does this mean that without his sharingan he is weak???


    1. jiraiyan

      It seems to be what Kishimoto is implying, but Kakashi was always a magnificent ninja even we he was a child. He was even considered the best ninja of his generation. I think he’s lost some confidence since losing it, but he to doubt himself a little too much.


  3. horlah

    wot a crazy epic…i knew obito was qona die after savin sakuke….nd maybe dis wen kakashi wil qet obito’s two eyes..
    Nd as for naruto nd sasuke i tink tinz r qetin out of hand for dem….


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