Don’t Steal My Prey! – Grimmjow and Bazz-B

Bleach Don't Steal my Prey Bazz B and Grimmjow by Sideburn004

From the latest Bleach 584, we learnt that Bazz-B has his own will to which he’d like to kill and take the price coming from Ichigo’s Head. However he’s quickly followed by other Quincy Stern Ritter members as well as the existing girls currently fighting Ichigo. From the looks of it, Ichigo could fight them however he will be pushed to some limit fighting and defeating them all. On top of which it would be awesome to see these two fight against each other!

The fantastic artwork above was done by Sideburn004 who has a number of fantastic artwork which I believe to be awesome and great. If you like their work be sure to check them out, otherwise be sure to share with other fans elsewhere. Ichigo is strong, however everyone has a limit, and since there are 8 Stern Ritters fighting, to which most captains can’t even handle one means that Ichigo will have a bad time fighting them.

There are 3 comments

  1. nick dunn

    Man these two are so sexy. But such assholes too. Man, if the Arrancar really come to aid the Gotei 13 this battle might happen.


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