Kaguya Ootsutsuki Revived! White Zetsu Puppets – Naruto 679

Naruto 679 gets wicked as Kaguya Ootsutsuki has been revived and brought forward only using her will from Black Zetsu, she goes a head to notice that Naruto is Ashura and Sasuke being Indra. As Kaguya’s body absorbs pure chakra from the surrounding, we see Madara’s whole body and form disintegrate into nothingness to which Kaguya promises to leave Naruto and Sasuke in the dust as she’s enable to capture them. 

Naruto 679 begins as Madara begins to scream, to which his shadows also begin to disappear, while at the same time he’s chakra begins to grow more and more. Out of nowhere large amounts of chakra pierce the ground they’re in to which it pushes everyone to the side. This chakra quickly heads towards Madara’s body.

Madara keeps on screaming while his body keeps on getting bigger and bigger, Sasuke signals for both of them to attack and stop them before they grow any larger. Naruto and Sasuke both try to attack however the hair that has already grown seems to have captured both of them, they’re unable to move.

Sasuke tries to do something but Kakashi stops her, he mentions that she must think before taking action because this could cost her. Black Zetsu mentions that he has no intention of killing anyone, Kaguya plans to preserve everyone under the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi and keep them alive.

They’re there to act as Kaguya’s Soldiers, Zetsu goes on top mention that regular people cannot be used in battle, thus he plans on using these people in a battle, they plan on turning them into White Zetsu’s. Once the Infinite Tsukuyomi has taken over completely, those people will all just be shells of their former selves.

All that will be left is to sit back and wait for the transformation to slowly take place. Naruto and Sasuke are still capture, while we see Madara’s body and face swell up as he loses all control over himself. We also see that he’s unable to move or do anything else. He continues on to absorb all the chakra it needs. Even Madara’s eyes disappear, we also see Obito fall off as the Black Zetsu is also absorbed within this form.

After a while, we quickly begin to see a resemblance as the large eye opens up on it’s forehead to which we quickly notice that Kaguya Ootsutsuki has finally been revived! She notices that both Naruto and Sasuke have the sun and moon signs on their hands and thus unable to do anything about it.

She throws them onto the ground. She is right next to Sasuke to which Kakashi wishes for Sasuke not to do anything reckless. Kaguya enables her Bikyuun, very similar to Byakugan to ask herself if they’re Hagoromo and Hamura, to which she figures out they’re Indra and Ashura.

Sakura begins to wonder what has just happened, she’s unable to do anything, just wanted both Naruto and Sasuke to be okay. Sasuke notices that this chakra of Kaguya is on a whole new level. Kakashi asks what her objective is. She mentions that Earth is her precious nursery, she has no intentions of causing any more damage. She tells Naruto and Sasuke to end this battle, she quickly turns everything that they walk on into lava as she wishes to erase both of them. Naruto 679 ends here.

A crazy and wonderful chapter, Kaguya has finally been revived and it’s freaking awesome. I seriously can’t wait to see what this does to the story as it’s just even more awesome. I can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 680, which is most likely to see Naruto and Sasuke both suffering even more until they can do something better.

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  1. zetsu

    Am in the dark.. Did madara just die or is just like the obito which was taken over by zetsu? And Is kaguya evil? They couldn’t even defeat madara, this lady is way more powerful..

    I guess hyuuga clan are decendants of hamura… Maybe they can develope their byakugan to bikyuun just like the uchiha, cause byakugan is too weak..


    1. mabritish

      Lol that’s all u think about in this awesome chapter? In any rate, things keeps on getting worse and worse for naruto and sasuke. There were unable to touch madara, how are they going to touch the mother of all nijutsu.

      I wish these transformation should have happened after madara ha been defeated or atleast after he had been weakened. but I guess madara by the time he regain his body he will have the power that even surpasses that of kaguya


  2. Zero

    Kaguya’s chakra might react with her hyuuga blood or something. And give her an upgrade. Naruto and Sasuke got upgrades through a chakra manifestation when they were on death’s door. From Hagoromo. Whose their grandfather many many times removed. How about Hinata gain something from possibly the mother of the byakugan? The new generation of konoha ninjas all seem to be ‘chosen’ or something. Far as I see it, Hinata may be worth more in this situation, due in part to her blood, than sakura.


  3. Kira

    I guess who are inside the tree are not going to come out it will be without art if only konoha ninja escaped i wonder if sasuke and naruto evolve thier powers


  4. Satouf

    This battle is only about team 7 no one else. Kakashi is the one to do something now, he might try n regain his eyes to help send them to the other dimension. This battle looks all but lost now. Naruto and sasuke don’t know how to use their powers that’s the big problem


  5. shinobi

    firstly no one is more powerful than kaguya,he is even more powerful than ten tails so nt even madara can break free.secondly i think hagoromo and hamura were the ones who defeated her.i think she was the juubi the one confused as the holy tree coz so far no one knows the real story.bt there were hints like hagoromo declaring kaguya the strongest being that ever lived,we all saw the ten tails and i bet hagoromo could kick its ass blind folded it wasnt that tough that he needed hamura to help him,the only thing that can beat her is her two sons thats y kaguya first thought naruto and sasuke were his sons and it seems all this was done before and the only guys who cnt b affected r rinnegan wielders xo the only guy to dispel it was hagoromo and plus hagoromo said they sealed the juubi inside both of them hence all madara had was a half of her power thats y madara wasnt able to resist her


    1. Zero

      You have a point. Madara had the power. Black Zetsu had the rest. Mind and Will etc. Thats why she ‘absorbed’ and ‘transformed’ Madara into herself it seems, after black Zetsu stabbed Madara. He was transferring her will and all, into Madara. Well, more like, they were fusing. Zetsu allowed Madara to gather her energy all those years and through all those schemes, while he sat back and waited for the time to take over and fuse with Madara’s gathered energy, thereby resurrecting Kaguya.


  6. Yondaime

    Yea I think naruto and sasuke still has something to give in this epic twist, because if you remember noticing kaguya’s facial reaction after feeling the sun and moon symbol on both naruto and sasuke’s palms….


    1. Sunite

      She obviously can’t put them in her Infinite Tsukuyomi, however she is able to kill them by drowning them in lava. I guess it’s the least she can do. She won’t kill Sakura or Kakashi, as they’re two more Zetsu’s she could use.


  7. jasper williams

    Someone once said this”I FEEL LIKE I CAN DO ANYTHING NOW”…well it seems this same person looks so helpless now…lol…kishi is ah hell of ah twister!


    1. TJ

      She is useful but she just saw that Naruto and Sasuke where thrown away with ease. If she did something when Kaguya was by her, she would have had her chakra drained and that was the end of her . She knew that she couldn’t just rush at Kaguya.


  8. dreager1

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. She’s too powerful compared to the heroes, which is a bad move on the author’s part. It means that something really cheesy is going to happen or there will be plot hax. This better now go down like Reborn’s ending….


    1. Zero

      Yep. Something cheesy such as Naruto and Sasuke joining the sun and crescent moon in their palms together to form some new technique. They’re gonna ‘hold hands’ (cue rock lee and gai-sensei genjutsu moment of a sunset with waves crashing on a beach). Lol.


  9. Hanzo

    Question, why does kaguya need an army when every one in the world is being turnd into her soldiers. Theres no one left to fight and she is so powerful she could kill an army in an instant


  10. ria

    Now another enemy has come up namely Kaguya….so has Madara died?? And how will Sasuke and Naruto save the day and everyone?? And what will happen to others and why does Kaguya need a army of soldiers?? I think white Zetsu was originally a Shinobi so he will transform into something else… I have so many questions..


  11. grayfullbuster622

    LOl i lvoed this chapter but damn kaguya’s revived hope naruto and sasuke can stop the bitch lol but her aura looks different from madara naruto and sasuke said she’s much more powerful then madara in the so6p form i believe naruto and sasuke can defeat kaguya but its not gonna be that simple.

    we’re talking about kaguya here i mean from the beginning even before madara and everything else while others are in the infinite tsukiyomi dreams. P.S Naruto should be with hinata not sakura lol……

    So yah cant wait for the next chapter. 😀


    1. grayfullbuster622

      And also beggs the question why would kaguya need an army of white zetsu i hope they can stop all of the people from forming into white zetsu it would suck if most of the shinobi died……….But yeah i would really love to know why.


  12. Satouf

    Unless there is another world which she needs a army to take over with?!! Otherwise she is powerful enough to destroy everything tho. So am confused why she needs a damn army.
    Naruto and sasuke might do a Fusion technique lol that’s only way to kick her ass.


  13. shinobi

    i think kaguya needs an army to take over her home,remember she came from another place.i think she comes from smwhere where there is a more powerful being that she cnt take down on her own and an army coz kaguya is a princess afterall.bt maybe if naruto and sasuke combine they maybe able to kick her ass….coz they were able to take down ibito with a kurama+susanoo hybrid,if they combine they may weaken the bitch enough 4 madara to take control.im sure madara jst lyk obito has realised he was being used and is goin to make things right.


  14. Zero

    Just a crappy theory here but, Maybe that ‘Other World’ That Kaguya came from is the moon? Since everything was centered around the moon. “Moon’s Eye” Plan, Tsukiyomi bein “Moon Reader” and all. Hell of a twist eh? Bringing in Kaguya and all. A virtual nobody, yet a practical god. Wonder if Sandaime would teach the dead demon seal and summon shinigami. Then again, idek if that would seal her. Maybe we’ll see another cutscene with Hagoromo. Or maybe his brother, hamura, comes into that mindscape world with hagoromo again, and activate some other skill. Or…Maybe Naruto starts preaching, and does what he is best at: Converting the enemy to the “Church” of Naruto. We’ve seen Gaara, Pain, Obito, Tsunade, Raikage, etc etc. All ‘converted’ by Naruto’s ‘Preaching’. So why not Kaguya? Lol. Jkin


    1. Sunite

      Certainly a good theory, I believe that the moon plays a large part in all of this, I don’t quite think that she is from the moon, but I could be wrong. We would need to learn more about her origins, plus I’d like to know the origins of the Byakugan as the Hyuga clan are highly connected into this also.


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