Obito Saves Naruto! Guy Arrives – Naruto 666

Naruto 666 begins with the intention that Obito will now be on Naruto’s side, and it stays like this as Obito takes as much power from Madara as he can, which isn’t a lot, and quickly sends Naruto to his dimension, he arrives and quickly tries to help him by giving him a tailed beasts, but it’s not Kurama! Guy also arrives to deflect an attack from Madara saving Kakashi. Minato also thinks of a moment when Obito, Kakashi and Guy plus Rin were just all talking. 

Naruto 666 begins as Kakashi realizes that Obito has finally helping the correct side. Madara tries to stop him but fails as his hand goes right through him. Madara mentions that this is the real the real power of his right eye. Madara steps back when we notice Obito trying to take out as much chakra of the Tailed Beasts as he can, Madara mentions that he’s weak and won’t be able to take much from him.

He holds on and pulls taking out chakra from Shukaku and Gyuki, and by this he only took a little amount. Obito tries to use them on Madara but he just backs off. Obito tells Kakashi to use Kamui on Naruto and Sakura. Madara quickly uses this opportunity as Obito transports his body is materialized and Madara attacks while Obito defends, he knows his Kamui is too slow.

Madara is unhappy that the power was taken away from him. Sakura feels that the dimension she’s in requires very heavy breathing. Kakashi knows that if Obito gets there he’ll be able to save Naruto. Obito mentions that now he’s the lead and Kakashi the backup. Kakashi mentions that it’s been a long time since they’ve brought out the old two-man cell.

They’re both ready, Minato notices. Madara mentions that he’s going to take back everything he left in his care, especially the left eye he has. Obito mentions that Madara must be curious to see the left and right eye working together. Madara mentions that it’s no longer a Sharingan but a Rinnegan. Obito quickly mentions that he’s not talking about that but in fact Kakashi and Obito!

Minato keeps on watching when he remembers a moment when Obito was late again, Kakashi tells him off on what he’s done about being always late. Even Guy arrives to challenge Kakashi, Rin mentions that them being together is troublesome but she is the only one that can control both of them.

Madara thinks of ways to which he could attack Obito since his abilities are somewhat troublesome. And only one of them can use the Kamui while the other fights him. Madara tries to predict but he cannot who will attack first. He also can’t enter Limbo because he doesn’t have his other eye. He attacks using his circular attack balls when Minato tries to do something, however he just lands on the ground for some reason.

Kakashi and Obito both enable their Kamui, they send Obito to where Naruto is, a large explosion occurs. Madara never knew they could both use Kamui and were able to teleport at twice the speed. Minato mentions for him to take care of his son! Obito appears and mentions that he’s there to save Naruto.

Sakura asks if she can really trust him. He mentions for a long time now he hasn’t been able to walk a straight and honest path, however now he’s come around.  Obito places his hand on Naruto gives him the Tailed Beasts he has. Kakashi mentions for once he’s happy to see Guy save him, then he asks who he’s facing at the moment, which is Madara! Naruto 666 ends here.

Naruto has reached a legendary 666 number, which is cool and all, plus the manga chapter was pretty awesome, it’s awesome to see Naruto coming back sooner, however what has happened to Sasuke, I’d like to see what has happened to him now. Can’t wait to see next week’s Naruto 667 to see more awesome fights and crazy story lines!

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  1. jasper williams

    Are yhu kiddinq me!!!…dahts what am talkinq about mehn…double manqekyou…thouqh i wish they could use it 2 summon a susanoo….i hope naruto dies ryt now…cause at this point some emotion plots are need….by the way…are we qonna wait 4 aqes till we find awt who’s standinq bsides sasuke eh…mr kishimoto!


    1. Sunite

      Lol I’d like to find out who’s standing next to Sasuke aswell, however I don’t think either Obito or Kakashi can use their Susanoo since you need two eyes I think to create a successful one. It would be awesome to see it though 🙂


  2. Satouf

    Well we knew that obito was going to help naruto cos he will entrust his dream to him. Gai is about to do something awsome with this forbidden technique. But can Gai use ninjutsu?!! Minato looks on hopelessly, he looks so weak now it’s embarrassing for a hokage.


  3. yellowdancer blowsperior

    Did Minato transport the bijou bomb that madara launched so that it did not hit Kakashi? That is my guess since an explosion was shown far in the distance.


  4. kingkongdong94

    I too didnt completley understand the whole idea of Minato just flopping on the ground like that. It was pretty cool seeing them both use their Kamui in sync. Also I’m guessing Guy’s forbidden technique is the eighth gate.


  5. jasper williams

    Anythinq is still possible….if they can use it 2 pulloff such a fast kamui…theres a probability daht its still possible 2 summon the susanoo(well dahts ma own thesis lolz)…as 4 minato..seriously..seeinq him like daht just breaks ma heart..he’s so helpless…buh am thinkinq he has somethinq up his sleeves..i mean he’s not called a qenius 4 nothinq…i jst wanna believe he’s about 2do somethinq qreat…..


  6. Harlequin

    Madara too has a trick-up-his-sleeve…I think Naruto’s about to awaken his own version of Senin Rikudo with a the chakra he has recieved


    1. Sunite

      Hm I think Obito is giving Naruto part of Shukaku and Gyuki which are the 1 and 8 tails. I think he will wake up but won’t be able to do much because the chakra they have is so small.


  7. mabritish

    I will realy want to see naruto for once used his own chakrs to create somethin awesome. I think relying on the tailed beast all the time made him super weak.without kurama he is nothing he can’t hold a caddle to sasuke rite now. and yet all this time we have been told that he has immerse chakra, so what happen to it?


    1. Haris kayani (@kayani_haris)

      True but the only jutsu that he knows is derived from the rasengan which is an A-S rank jutsu but it is short range and madara can easily dodge it or ‘take care’ of it with ease. The bijuu are naruto’s last hope since they are the only things that can win the war.


  8. jasper williams

    Was it coincedence or what???…how come obito was able 2 pull awt the 2 main chakra’s which naruto didnt possess amonq the tailed beast beast…since other 7tailed beast chakra’s av not been used…its time we qet 2 see the real version of the rikudo sennin…smart ass kishimoto…


    1. Sunite

      Hah I think Madara is the closest to the Sage of Six Paths. And Obito had pulled at random, he just needed any Tailed Beasts as they would have helped Naruto to live. I doubt Naruto being able to take all the Tailed Beasts any time soon, or Obito for that matter


  9. shinobi

    kishimoto is lettin us down big tym.all the hokages seem super weak except tobirama.i hoped to see another final valley fight bt so far hashirama n tobirama havent done anything amaizing.i really wanted to see hashirama vs rikudo madara.after all he beat all the tailed beast by himself smthn madara failed to do.i also think tobi pullin out shukaku and gyuki‘s chakra too tacky.i mean wat r the chances of that happenin?lastly hw is naruto goin to achieve rikudo mode without a rinnegan? isnt it a necessity to control the juubi?


  10. mabritish

    oh yes now I remember, he saw might guy with naruto, kakashi and the eight tail guy called bee. after madara defeated the 5 kage, he went to where obito was fighting, so they met there with guy. sorry for some spelling mistake, I’m not hat updated with naruto than I am with bleach manga.


  11. jasper williams

    Anythinq is still possible…if yhu ask me..i’ll say they can create a susanoo if they combine well….(would love 2 see daht)…….


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