Rukia’s Fear! As Nodt Defeated? – Bleach 567

Bleach 567 gets underway to find that Rukia has not only temporarily frozen her own body to a point that As Nodt’s fear cannot affect her. This allowing her to unleash her Shikai and going crazy, As Nodt is unable to understand how his fear cannot reach her. Rukia unleashes her awesome power to the point of Absolute Zero allowing her to absolutely freeze As Nodt within mere seconds. 

Bleach 567 begins with As Nodt unable to understand how fear doesn’t work on her. He mentions that such a thing is impossible, she mentions that if he doesn’t believe her than he should try again. She mentions for him to look and fear then unleashing her Shikai, Sode No Shirayuki.

As Nodt launches four thorns but doesn’t work as Rukia quickly freezes them. He repeats what she says then mentions that it’s funny that she’s saying this until a moment ago. We see Rukia freeze them, she explains that she is still getting used to Sode No Shirayuki’s real power, her body still needs time to get accustomed to it, until then she kept on running.

As Nodt mentions that freezing is not enough, that fear can’t be stopped with ice. His fear doesn’t enter from an open wound, it just melts and permeates it, it can’t be stopped. All people have things that make them feel safe and things that they fear. When someone enters a place that makes them feel safe and they’re asked the reason why, they don’t know. However when they enter a place they fear they seem to know why they fear it.

Safety seems to be connected to life, while fear to death. People who don’t want to die will give their reason to why they want to keep living. All creatures instinctively want to avoid death and fear. There is no way that fear doesn’t work on her, as long as she lives she’ll be affected by fear.

Rukia agrees with him and mentions that this is why it won’t work on her. She mentions that she is currently now alive. As Nodt asks what she means by this. She goes onto mentioning that Sode No Shirayuki doesn’t emit frost from her point, it’s not the sword anymore, it’s in fact the body of the owner. Everything she touches freezes, and the sword is just an extensions of her arm.

As Nodt mentions if she does such a thing as freezing her body, she will stop moving and die as the molecules won’t be moving. There is no way for her to stay alive. Rukia mentions that currently she is dead, she learned to do this by controlling her own reishi. All molecules have halted, even the fear she touched is blocked on the surface.

As Nodt mentions that it’s not possible when Rukia quickly slices As Nodt’s shoulder. at around -18 degrees. He doesn’t bleed because she’s frozen the blood around that area. She goes even colder to -50 Degrees and the water below where she is cause ice quakes. As Nodt runs towards her and goes to attack when Rukia quickly goes to the coldest point, absolute zero, she cannot get colder than this of -273.15. She can only move for 4 seconds and thus must kill him now.

Out of nowhere As Nodt is quickly frozen and is shocked to find such a thing to occur, his body freezes and he begins to feel something that he thinks is fear, he is unsure while he is still frozen. At this stage he should most likely freeze to a point of no return and most likely be cracked to pieces. While Renji burnt Mask De Masculine, Rukia froze As Nodt.

What a fantastic chapter, Rukia has shown her truly ability, but still not sure if she can still activate her Bankai, on top of this we’ll most likely see more awesomeness from As Nodt if he can escape from this, to which there is a low probability. Nevertheless, I can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 568 to see even more crazy fights.

There are 9 comments

  1. Kelvis Townsend

    rukia is awesome but even still i think As Nodt has a few tricks up his/her sleeve, because quincies have shown not to be underestimated


  2. chucky

    wow wat a chapter it seems her training at the royal palace realy paid off I must say she has a unique ability I thought she was going to use her bankai but never the less it was great 2 see wat her zanpakuto’s true power is.


    1. Sunite

      Agreed, makes me think if every other captains powers are not their full power/potential. And if they were to obtain their full power then it would be on a whole new level…


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