Let’s Do This – Ichigo and Grimmjow

Lets do this Ichigo and Grimmjow by KhalilxpiratesIchigo and Grimmjow’s fight was epic, it truly was, as Ichigo wanted to protect Orihime as well as defeat Grimmjow he went to the edge of his life and power to striking Grimmjow down right at the end of their battle. If the person in Hueco Mundo with Urahara, Orihime and Chad, is Grimmjow then we’ll definitely see him fight, possibly on Ichigo’s side against the Quincy’s. 

The awesome artwork above was done by KhalilXPirates who has numerous numbers of amazing fan art as well as coloured in artwork. If you like their work be sure to check their page out. Also be sure to share the page with friends if you like the artwork.

What do you think?

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