Hiro Mashima Planning on New Manga Series

Fairy Tail’s Hiro Mashima has tweeted out on Sunday that he’s planning and working on another manga series. Hiro Mashima mentions and assures all fans that Fairy Tail is no where from being over, and that he’s planning on working on both series at the same time, if his stamina holds up. He goes on to mention that Fairy Tail is his long-term series, and from time to time he’d want to draw a new story.

He notes that he had drawn the prototype of Fairy Tail at the same time he was working on Rave Master, therefore this isn’t much of a difference for him. Mashima then mentions that his core concept was similar to that of a similar anime and thus had to scrap the idea and go back to the drawing boards. The tweet announcing this is (for those who do not speak Japanese, it’s basically what I’ve just mentioned above):

So what do you think of this? Do you think it means that Fairy Tail’s ending is close approaching or is it a good idea for Mashima to work on two chapters every week.

Source: ANN


There are 5 comments

    1. Sunite

      I’ve heard of this anime, never got around to watch it. Maybe when I have the time, nevertheless, I hope it’s not another anime similar to Fairy Tail. As FT and Rave have similar characters.


  1. mabritish

    hmmm thanks sunite this is a grate Info. nevertheless, I just hope is an anime with New characters and some new energy powers. I wonder if he will manage though


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