Renji’s Souou Zabimaru Bankai! Mask De Masculine Incinerated – Bleach 564

Bleach 564 blew me away with how awesome it really is! We finally get to see how Renji’s Bankai has finally flourished into an amazing design. His Bankai Souou Zabimaru looks awesome just to say. On top of this Mask De Masculine gets his ass handed to him just by a few extra things which Renji did, especially his new attack, Zaga Teppou (Translation: Serpent Fang Cannon) which literally turned Mask into nothing but dust! 

Bleach 564 begins as all the James’ cheer their Super Star on, he then notices something strange that there is a massive snake skull which protected Renji from the attack just now. Renji’s hands come out when a large amount of air and dust move out from that place, a sword also begins to form. Mask De Masculine notices that his sword seems to have changed its form, could it be Hihiou Zabimaru? We see a smaller sword there.

We go to the past when Renji is talking to Ichibei in which he tells him that he’s been deceived. He tells Renji that the name he was given is the partial truth. The very fact that he didn’t reveal his full name to Renji means that he doesn’t acknowledge him as a warrior yet. Renji then mentions that they’ve been brothers in arms for a long time. Ichibei mentions that he will tell him the full name.

Renji mentions what is the point of him telling who it is, Ichibei replies by telling him that because he was appointed by the Soul King as the Manako Oshou, or The one who reveals the true identity. After all he is the man who decided on the name of Zanpakuto, he designed the names of the Shikai and Bankai too! He is the man who named everything which currently resides in Soul Society.

He’s also aware of all the names of every Zanpakuto, from the moment the Asauchi created by Ouetsu, they’re given to him to be named and then to the Shinigami counterpart. With Renji’s newly acquired strength he’s earned the right to call him by his full name!

We return and Renji calls his Bankai! We’re then revealed by his awesome new crazy Bankai. Souou Zabimaru, translated into the Twin Serpent King Tail! Mask mentions that he’s truly a formidable villain and so it the Bankai. Having witnessed that he’s able to block such a powerful attack from Mask, he is having the overwhelming desire to crush him!

Thus Mask De Masculine quickly drops towards Renji. Renji quickly uses his new ability and extra long left arm, Hihiou, allowing him to use the bone fingers to capture Mask De Masculine in it, Mask’s arms and legs are captured in it and squeezed until their completely broken and crushed! Renji then throws him towards a large building.

Mask is pissed off for what he’s done, he shouts at him telling him why he would breaks his arms. Renji then calls for his Serpent King, Orochi Oi. To which Renji goes towards Mask and quickly stabs him right in the chest! Mask didn’t even see this coming.

Renji’s next move is to then use his Souou Zabimaru Bankai and create Zaga Teppou, his Serpent Fang Cannon which creates a massive explosion right where Mask De Masculine is! We quickly see the aftermath which is a burnt body of Mask De Masculine, it begins to literally turn into nothing but dust! He has been incinerated! Renji tells him that he can not kick back and relax! Much Power, Wow! Bleach 564 ends here!

What an awesome chapter, Bleach is awesome. Renji is gotten crazy powerful and it’s awesome to see that Rukia is also at his level of destroying such powerful Quincy’s, which can take out quite a few Captains! I can’t wait for next week’s Bleach 565 when we see even more action and possibly even see something we’ve not yet seen before!

There are 9 comments

  1. Royal

    so finally we know Hyusubei Ichibei also allows him to create what became the Royal Guard .. Just stay Senjumaru just have not shown what she created?? … Bankai Renji stylish new look .. what do you think??


    1. chucky

      hey kubo sensei that was an awesome chapter keep up da good work and screw all those haters .this chapter was da best I’ve read so far cant wait 4 565 next week


  2. rise

    mask de masculine said that he and james are one. even though masculine is dead, it could still be possible if he comes back to life since james in alive i think


    1. Ryan

      Nah, he said that because James got burned to bits in that star attack. He was talking to the dead James saying ‘Its cool, you’ll come back eventually” but then he died, so they’re both out.


  3. Rithik Ram

    I like this chapter and the bankai looks awesome and versatile compared to his previous one, which was also missing the baboon part then. That monk must be pretty old if he was the one to give names to things in SS and it’s related concepts. Good chapter for me.


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