Madara Stabs Sasuke! Gaara’s Plan – Naruto 661

Naruto 661 gets underway by which Kurama had told Gaara to perform a very specific plan to which it’ll help Naruto. From this Gaara tells himself that this is his chance to help Naruto. Tobirama tries to attack Madara but ultimately fails as his attacks is quickly seen and stopped. Hashirama surprisingly gives Sasuke a brand new Jutsu to which it’ll stop his own jutsu in a way to prevent Madara from using Hashirama’s powers. When Sasuke attacks it seems that he’s already killed by a possibly Genjutsu already cast on him. 

Naruto 661 begins as Naruto loses consciousness and begins to fall after Kurama has been taken from him. Gaara tries to help him and creates a sand below him so he falls safely. Whilst at the same time Shukaku and other Tailed Beasts are being sucked into the Gedo Mazo. Even Gyuki and Kurama to which he mentions that it’s now up to Gaara.

Madara mentions that this is probably all he’s currently capable of doing in his level. Zetsu mentions that it was faster than Obito. Madara mentions that Zetsu does like to speak a lot, to which he calls Zetsu nothing more than a failed experiment. Black Zetsu being Invective and White being Talkative.

Madara asks how the fight is going over there, to which Zetsu mentions that it’s all under control and that the insides are surprisingly good. Out of nowhere Tobirama appears and tries to attack Madara but fails as the Kunai is quickly taken off his hand, when Madara tries to attack Tobirama moves places quickly and tries again.

Gaara catches Naruto and thinks that now is his chance to which he begins to take Naruto somewhere, he mentions that he definitely won’t let him die. After a while we see Madara having control over Tobirama as there are numerous black rods stuck to Tobirama. Madara mentions that Tobirama was always the kind to attack when their opponents though that they had won.

Madara carry’s on to mention that the heavens have smiled upon him, and not someone who used to be hailed as the fastest Shinobi, he now calls him pathetic. Madara mentions that there is a reason to why his brothers can’t bring out their strength. Madara also mentions that there is a large difference between their strength.

Plus Madara seems to be nurturing a new eye, he doesn’t fully know if he’ll stick with him though. This being Sasuke’s eyes. We see Sasuke being called by Hashirama and being told that he wants to give him a jutsu. Madara has taken his Senjutsu, this technique will bind him in response to that.

Hashirama is told that he should do it himself as he’s an Edo Tensei, the most he’s willing to do is pull the black rods out of him Sasuke mentions. Hashirama tells him that the black rods have been forced through his pressure points meaning that he cannot make any more chakra and best if he doesn’t touch them either.

Sasuke is told that Hashirama will be given all of his chakra and to stop Madara. Sasuke asks why he has been asked to do such a thing. Madara mentions that it is because he reminds him of Madara’s brother, Izuna Uchiha. Madara was originally a kind man, he looked and loved his brothers. This is why he believes that he has a chance. Hashirama quickly gives Sasuke the chakra and jutsu.

Madara throws a black rod onto Tobirama’s face, to which Madara then mentions that he’s been waiting a long time for this as he was the one that killed Izuna. Tobirama asks him why he had to drive himself to being resurrected, their time should have long ended. Madara mentions that this world belongs to the failures of Hashirama.

Zetsu heads out to help others. Tobirama mentions if the Infinite Tsukiyomi is his answer. Hashirama’s country was shameful, when man seeks peace there is usually war. Thinking of peace and spilling blood are the other side of the coin. We remember when Hashirama had stabbed Madara telling him that he will protect the village from threats.

Tobirama quickly finds a opening and attacks from things from his mouth but Madara uses his Susanoo to protect himself. We then see Sasuke fall down from the skies onto Madara, who mentions the world created by Hashirama is full of inconsistency and incongruity. whilst Sasuke falls, he also mentions that to protect one you must sacrifice another. Be it a friend, brother or even a child. Madara uses Sasuke’s sword to stab Sasuke himself, but will he use Hashirama’s chakra to heal up again? Naruto 661 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, a lot is going on here and it’s awesome to see Sasuke finally doing something. On top of this what will happen to Naruto and where is Gaara taking him. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 662 when we’ll see even more awesomeness!

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    1. Sunite

      Oh right Sasuke should be able to, but we’ll see what happens… At this point Sasuke doesn’t want to in and fight full on. He seems to be the only one at this point to be able to fight. I don’t even know what the other Kage’s are doing.


  1. Jason uchiha son of madara uchiha

    I agree, just imagine, a world where everything goes how you want it to…. How awesome! Who wouldn’t want that?


  2. UchiaClan

    Sasuke uses a genjutsu I bet , it only looks like Madara stabbed him. it’s the same as when he fought Danzo, he’s able to put anyone under a genjutsu for a short time. he’ll probably awaken his rinnegan now and try and absorb Hashiramas sage chakra from Madara .. Whether Sasuke has other motives besides protecting the leaf after this , WHO KNOWS


    1. Sunite

      Also possible but isnt the one that is using genjustu seems to be Madara, otherwise if its real Sasuke could just heal using Hashirama’s chakra… thats what i currently think.


  3. Majed

    Hi Guys Look At This
    If you notice Sasuke was using EMS , which is composed of both Sasuke and Itachi Sharingan’s …So Sasuke can’t be under a Genjutsu of madara’s , but madara can be thought he only uses Rinnegan(i know his can use both but … we don’t know if his or Izuna Sharingan can escape Genjustu and we didn’t see a sight of pure Sharingan ),
    So madara can be under Sasuke Illusion … so probobly sasue took avantage of the situation and be planning to use a technique by Hashirama … however , if he’s really dying he could get Rinnegan because he’s experiencing death 😛 …


  4. UchiaClan

    Danzo wasn’t anywhere near a genin when he got put under genjutsu , and he knew almost instantly that he was under one, didn’t stop it from actually happening .. Madara doesn’t even prefer to use genjutsu so how proficient do you really think he is at it ? Also Itachi always tells Sasuke that their bond is unique, cause together they have the ultimate mangekyou, Madara and Kurama both state Sasukes prowess is intense, and with Hashiramas power on top of that , he’s a potential 6 paths… So putting Madara under a genjutsu for half a second, probably not impossible


  5. manishla

    Nice elaboration Sunite, Again… ThanX

    Quick Thoughts

    Senju+Uchiha=ultimate power. that might be the plan for sasuke.
    I miss how itachi fought, Sasuke can do too!!
    I happy the Naruto can now fight with true ability w/o kurama!
    Awesome Star of 2014, cant wait for 662.


  6. Mai Balzich

    Remember how Sasuke and Itachi fought together against Kabuto, and Itachi explained to Sasuke how peace was made using Izanagi in a time when the enemy’s will was unalterable. No violence involved- as long as Sasuke sacrifices an eye. The deepness in which Itachi said this to Sasuke and even the scenery, it would be awesome if Sasuke took what Itachi taught him and applied it. Also, it would be nice to see Itachi’s genius at work again.


        1. Mai Balzich

          And who knows, Sasuke’s eye might be replaced by a changed heart Madara in the end after Izanagi is done and Madara will finally let himself die like he should be dead. I swear Sasuke has more transplants than Kim Kardashian though….last comment NA….


  7. Super-Human of all paths

    What are all of you mumbling about? When the heroes are on the verge of death they almost always stay alive. Show some faith. And, lol, the series is awesome and everything but reality is so much better. Sasuke did not activate his eternal mangekyou sharingan, as you can plainly see in the chapter. The visual prowess of the rinnegan is superior compared to the sharingan because the rinnegan is the evolved state of the sharingan. This does not mean the Sage of the six paths was a pure-blooded Uchiha. Because that’s like saying a byakugan-user can become a sharingan-user. No. The byakugan’s depthness of visual space is superior than the sharingan, but it cannot evolve to the rinnegan. Only the sharingan can evolve, which would be the mangekyou and then the Rinnegan. This also says that half-breeds (like in most anime shows) are superior compared to pure-breeds. The Sage of the six paths was born with the rinnegan. No need to evolve. Heck. The Japanese got that idea from the rare oculus bulbous of some cases in some countries. Anyway, Sasuke will involuntarily heal himself with Hashirama’s cells (b/c of their response mechanism to multiply when the brain signals a distress), Sasuke will then do what Hashirama wanted to do and absorb in the rest of Hashirama’s cells from Madara, Sasuke, will get a prodigious chakra boost like how he always wanted (ever since his envy for Naruto’s huge advantage with chakra began, Sasuke will have senjutsu and Uchiha chakra (just like the Sage of the six paths), Naruto will not die, the tailed beasts will all join within Naruto as their host (and friend), the other half of Kurama will join Naruto by saying buy to Minato and hello to Naruto, the other half will be released from the Edo-statue and join Naruto, the two halves will fuse, Naruto will look just like a new sage of the six paths because he’ll look all majestic and older looking (similar to Ichigo from Bleach when he faced Aizen), Naruto’s overwhelming power will be so close to the Sage of the six paths (but without senjutsu or Uchiha chackra), Sasuke will then fuse his senjutsu and Uchiha chakra with Naruto, Naruto will then activate Sage (Hermit) mode for a senjutsu boost of feelings, Sasuke will not activate the rinnegan (even though he has the potential) because he does not wish to be like Madara, Sasuke activates his eternal mangekyou sharingan so he can believe Itachi is seeing this majestic moment with his best friend—Naruto—, they both defeat Madara with chidori and rasengan fused together (saying that opposites can tolerate and be at harmony with one another because of the elemental chart), the rinnegan will cease to exist (Sasuke will be the last pure-blood Uchiha), and the majority of shinobi involved in the alliance (along with their children) will be seen training with one another all happy-go-lucky like, and then the series will end leaving the audience able to reflect the series with our current world with no shinobis in sight,… with the power of chakra anyway. 😉
    Wooh. D@mn.
    Oh, Naruto marries Sakura. Sasuke won’t marry anyone. He’ll be Naruto’s protector because Naruto will be the last vessel of the tailed beasts (and we all know how a jinchuriki with healing abilities, better than Hashirama’s, dies), Hinata will marry another noble and be happy knowing that even though her husband isn’t the one she admires she can proudly say she no longer lives in a world that makes her diffident away from her intention to be happy. All because of Naruto—the 6th hokage. And six goes so well with the portrayal of the six paths. And the six paths will be revealed. All, in which, are divisible by two. Good and bad. But that’s what makes the six paths cherished by all. A dream world is a fake world that would only tacit that God would be ashamed of all what it created. And by “it” I mean “God.” Genderless for impartiality. Duh. Remember Adam and Eve. Madara told us their world’s philosophical understanding of it. XD


  8. Sasuke

    Sasuke will die. Whats the point in leaving one uchiha left alive. Sasuke dies in the battle while naruto kills madara. Later everyone cries over sasuke and finish.


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