The Villains – Renji and Rukia

Renji and Rukia Bleach The Villains by Cubur

Renji and Rukia recently appeared in the latest Bleach chapters. While Renji fights against the very strong Quincy, Mask De Masculine, we see that Renji may be getting pushed around but he’s nowhere near about to get any serious damage on him. Mask De Masculine describes Renji to be an enemy to his heroism with the support of many creepy James’. 

Renji is about to show us his awesome new zanpakuto and how it’ll look against Mask De Masculine’s Vollstandig. The artist, CuBur, has done a fantastic job of creating such a wonderful piece of fan art with both villains Rukia and Renji. She herself loves how Renji is acting and how the villains always win! So check her out or be sure to share the page!

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