Kabuto Yakushi’s Life Story – Naruto Shippuden 336

Naruto Shippuden 336 see’s the life of Kabuto, from the moment he was in the orphanage to the very moment he saw his mother once again. We see him being recruited by Danzo and the Foundation to which they guide him to being a really good spy. In the Stone village, we see him being the person who betrayed the village to which his own mother. He realises that she doesn’t notice him to which he then tries to heal her. He explains most of his story here. 

Naruto Shippuden 336 begins as Kabuto tells his story. We go to he’s healing a person’s hand. This is most likely during a war. We see Kabuto mentioning that he’s doing this just to help the orphanage. We hear a surprising voice, Orochimaru. He asks Kabuto why he doesn’t want to become a Shinobi to which Kabuto tells him that he’s not interested, he just wants to help the Orphanage.

That night we see Danzo, Orochimaru and a third member to which they’re there trying to get Nonou to join them in a long term mission. They speak about how if she doesn’t join, they won’t give any money to the orphanage. They also mention that because she’s the best spy in the foundation, she’s the best person to for the job. They also begin to mention that things could go wrong and any extra money could be good for them.

Kabuto listens to what has just happened, the next day we see Kabuto walk out on the orphanage to work for the Foundation, to which he does this to help run the orphanage. From time to time, Kabuto begins to grow up, he goes to villages and spy on them, getting more and more intel. At the stones, he nearly gets caught to which he see’s a person to for him.

It’s a woman to which as he runs, she appears behind him. He turns and uses his technique to cut her. She collapses and he notices who it is! He notices that it’s his mother. He begins to heal her when she mentions why he’s healing her, from them on, he mentions that she’s his mother. He gives him his glasses so he can see better, to which she continues by saying that she doesn’t know him. He stops healing her and escapes.

He goes to a lake to which he asks himself why such a thing happened, he begins by saying that he doesn’t even know himself when Orochimaru appears. Orochimaru scares him and tells him that he’s become a great shinobi. From then on he mentions that he can come with him to which he will tell him and explain everything that has happened to the targeting and why his mother didn’t recognise him.

He arrives at a facility to which we see lots of equipment. Orochimaru begins to mention that the Foundation has decided to kill both his mother and him. They both knew too much to which they decided to make it so they’d kill each other. He asks why she didn’t recognise him to which Orochimaru shows him lots of picture, to which were shown to Nonou to show his growth. Gradual brainwashing.

This is why she didn’t notice. Kabuto realizes that because he wasn’t killed, Orochimaru will be the one to kill him. He quickly acts and slashes all he can before Orochimaru tries anything funny. However he lays back and notices that Orochimaru is coming back from the dead version. Orochimaru mentions that he wants him to join him.

He wants to gain as much knowledge as he can to which he extends his arm. He mentions that he wants him to be the one to help him. He’d like to create a village to which individuals talents can be expressed properly. Orochimaru tells him his name and Kabuto accepts this. After many years, Orochimaru gives Kabuto many things, as well as research help with Karin and many others. Even with Sasuke. He begins to fill this tub of blood which is special, he injects it himself to which it seems that it will transforms into his new Dragon Mode. Naruto Shippuden 336 ends here.

A nice little episode based on Kabuto’s journey. Yes, I did rush a little of this episode but still it was a good episode. Plus Kabuto’s past seems to be both sad and courageous because he does seem to do his best on what it does. Also can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 337, titled “Izanami Activated” to see how Izanami really works!

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